Where To Host an Adventurous Baby Shower

Where To Host an Adventurous Baby Shower

Welcoming a new life into the world is always worthy of a celebration. Women come together to gift necessities to an expecting mother. Sharing slices of cake and playing games, these ladies bond over the trials and blessings of motherhood.

Baby showers as a gathering to physically and emotionally support a mom-to-be is an ancient practice. However, the ritual as we know it today in North America only began to solidify its popularity post-World War II.

It’s certainly no easy task to organize a baby shower. Between all the necessary steps to bring this party to life, you want to appeal to the parents-to-be and make the celebration memorable without relying on overused cliches.

If you desire an event space that can handle a bold baby shower, we’re here to help.


Things To Consider

There are countless factors to account for before choosing a baby shower venue, leading to a wave of extra stress washing over you if there’s no clarity on what you want. Depending on the following, you will narrow down the scope to find the perfect locations.

Establish a budget. As you begin to draft arrangements for the best party possible, it’s easy to get carried away by all the creative prospects you want to try. It’s an exciting time, and there are many fantastic baby shower ideas. Having a clear budget prevents you from overcommitting to unreasonable plans.

It’s important to know how large you want this celebration to be. If you know many people are attending, consider how much space is necessary to accommodate everyone.

Perhaps you prefer to determine the number of guests after deciding on a specific location. There’s no right or wrong way to establish the guest list, but be mindful of how your budget fluctuates depending on how many names you invite.

Also, review your food plans. Catering a favorite type of cuisine, presenting your own homemade spread of finger foods, or booking at a restaurant are all great options for dining. Keep track of any dietary restrictions and allergies in case special accommodations are needed.

Baby showers are known for their exciting and sometimes kitsch activities and games. These don’t need to be complicated as long as the guests have fun. Consider what the future parents would truly enjoy participating in as well. You can also curate special, engaging activities to coordinate with a determined theme and decor.


Don’t Hesitate To Think Beyond Traditions

According to conventions, baby showers are female-only events. They serve as an intimate time and space for current mothers — whether it be close friends or family members — and the expecting mother to bond.

Having co-ed baby showers is increasing in popularity despite defying traditions. This decision could increase the guest list by a significant number, but the dad-to-be’s involvement may be worth it for the memories of both sides of the family.

There is no shame in organizing your own baby shower, either. Although traditionally, an extended relative or friend would take the reins, the expecting parents have the right to decide how they wish to welcome their little one.

Common baby shower locations include indoor venues such as tea rooms, clubhouses, and community centers. The convenience is there. You’re protected from the elements if it suddenly rains.

The temperature is under control. There are areas for guests to comfortably lounge around.

Yet, challenge yourself to find an outdoor venue for a more distinctive location. Venturing outside opens up opportunities for movement, connections with nature, and unique party themes.

The fresh air and ample space allow everyone to commemorate this special occasion without feeling confined.



The grounds of national, state, or local parks are great locations to host a baby shower. The possibilities for themes are endless. Go for a simple, gentle floral theme or an elaborate, majestic forest spirit concept. Surrounded by different trees, flowers, and wildlife as natural decor, they are a convenient spot for celebrating all forms of life.

Unfold the blankets, unpack the coolers, and host a picnic. You can arrange meal boxes for every individual or present charcuterie boards. With field games to make the most of the open space, all your loved ones can feel present and at ease.



Setting up a tropical-themed baby shower by the sea lends memorable, gorgeous photos. Enjoy your time with family and friends in the cool breeze. With the ocean waves as a backdrop and the sand between your toes, take a dip into the water. The parents deserve this adoring treatment as they prepare to welcome their new baby.

You can’t go wrong with a beachside brunch. Set up a tent and some tables, and have a good time. Start a game of beach volleyball or a scavenger hunt for the most eye-catching seashells or sea glass as memorabilia.


All the Luxuries You Want and More

Collective Retreats have the perfect venues for a baby shower party. Our locations deliver the connections to nature you desire combined with luxury amenities.

An ideal option for parents-to-be who adore the outdoors without compromising the comfort and safety of an expecting mother, we undoubtedly show you new, unforgettable moments with our location-specific experiences.


Unparalleled Dining

Our culinary excursions are an exquisite treat for a mom-to-be. The body works hard to create a baby, so the mother needs to be nourished well. Staying healthy while pregnant doesn’t mean you should have to miss out on interesting, delicious dishes.

No matter which of our retreats you choose as your destination, our on-site chefs are more than happy to accommodate the diet restrictions of a new mom while still infusing all the best flavors.

Collective Hill Country has BBQ that tastes just like home. We present the authentic, bold flavors of Texan BBQ in our curated boxes. Whether you are a meat lover or prefer sticking solely to vegetables, we have options you’ll love. Our Taste of Texas and Garden Box are fulfilling and locally sourced, waiting for you to grill to perfection.

Dinner à la carte is available at our Collective Governors Island retreat and incorporates influences from all over the world right to your table. Our menu only offers the finest ingredients and diverse palate, serving refreshments and dishes with meats, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and more. End the evening with sweets for delectable desserts with a touch of Southern French flair.


Relaxing Activities

You might not get the desired balance of seclusion, privacy, and recreational opportunity with other outdoor venues, but Collect Retreats is the perfect solution. Especially for parties that want to go beyond simple baby shower games, our experiences are unique and the best surprise for expecting parents.


Hill Country, TX

The Collective Hill Country retreat sits between Austin and San Antonio, providing undisturbed access to the natural wonders of Hill Country. You can incorporate breathtaking geography into your plans and thematic vision.

The charming towns within the area, such as Fredericksburg, have wineries. This is not to suggest that the mom-to-be should drink, but the view of the vineyards is stunning and peaceful in a way that’s difficult to replicate. Various breweries also have private rooms to reserve for special events and gatherings.

With a party as lively as a baby shower, there’s no doubt the mom-to-be is exhausted. Although pregnancy prevents mothers from engaging in strenuous physical activity, light exercise remains beneficial for overall health.

Our morning yoga and pilates session is the appropriate intensity for expecting mothers. The class ends with a shot of green booster juice by our chef to replenish the body.

An in-tent massage is available from morning until the afternoon as a luxurious treat. Our skilled massage therapists go to you to soothe the knots in your muscles. Leaving you feeling renewed, their gifted hands alleviate physical and mental troubles.

Our Sound Mediation ends the night on a serene note. Lie down with the most comfortable blankets, mats, and pillows to reconnect with yourself and calm the buzzing in your mind as our team member performs live.


Governors Island, NY

Like Hill Country, our Governors Island retreat has a sunrise yoga class. Get moving and stretch out the limbs to relieve tension in the back and legs. This daily session is perfect for an expecting mother to start the morning energized before a long day ahead.

Spa treatments are great gifts for a mom-to-be. With all the physiological and psychological changes occurring during pregnancy, a woman is often sore and tired. QC NY is right next to our retreat, and our guests receive priority access. Enter to enjoy a myriad of options to restore the body and soul, such as water therapy and outdoor spa pools.

Island explorations are an activity everyone can partake in. Whether reserved for the new parents to savor together or shared with guests, find inspiration with our guided and self-guided tours. You’ll explore Governors Island’s rich history and art scene.


The Best Baby Shower

Consider taking the party outdoors as you gather different ideas for the adventurous baby shower of your dreams. Extend the congratulations by arranging a weekend getaway with Collective Retreats. Whether you choose our retreat in Texas, New York, or beyond, all locations have the same standard of luxury that will make the experience unforgettable.


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