Wilderness Vacations: Luxury Retreats for Outdoor Adventures

Wilderness Vacations: Luxury Retreats for Outdoor Adventures

Wilderness Vacations: Luxury Retreats for Outdoor Adventures

Listening to the sounds of nature while admiring stunning natural views is an unparalleled experience. Even if you live in a naturally beautiful state, you might find it difficult to pencil in the time to book an outdoor getaway.

Furthermore, it can be even more difficult to find an accommodation option in a remote area that meets your standards. However, there is no reason you should give up a comfortable environment for outdoor adventures.

So, while you may think that a wilderness vacation and luxury retreats seem contradictory, many luxury accommodations offer outdoor adventures. Additionally, Collective Retreats offers top-of-the-line accommodations across the country, giving you a variety of options and environments to immerse yourself within.

If you are ready for a wilderness vacation that incorporates the benefits of a five-star hotel, look no further.


Collective Retreats

Collective Retreats has always strived to give guests the best of both worlds: the immersive experience of vacationing in nature and the chance to return to luxurious accommodations at the end of the night.

Additionally, as a Collective Retreats guest, you have immediate access to intimate activities that are designed to be relaxing and restorative while highlighting local, unique experiences.


Luxury Accommodations

Our most popular accommodation option, the Summit Tent, will give you a lodging experience unlike any you have seen before. You can start your morning by listening to the birds chirp and the nearby rushing stream as you sip your coffee on your private deck.

After a day of exciting activities in nature, you can take a long hot shower in your en suite bathroom and do your nightly skincare routine at your own personal vanity setup.

Afterward, jump into your king-sized bed and plug your phone in with the bedside outlet. The temperature-controlled space and high-quality bedding will ensure a restful night of sleep.


High-Quality Culinary Experience

Besides top-of-the-line accommodations, Collective Retreats also offers high-quality culinary experiences that are made by an on-site chef. You will have access to gourmet meals three times a day, as well as craft cocktails at happy hour and sweet treats brought in by a pastry chef.

Each meal is centered around fresh, local ingredients and enhances your immersive experience.


Governor’s Island

If you want to book an outdoor getaway in NYC but you aren’t sure where to find the green space or a breath of fresh air, stay with us at Governor’s Island Collective Retreats.

This small island provides a natural oasis just outside of Manhattan and is sure to give you a unique experience.


Relaxing Activities

One of the most popular activities on Governor’s Island is taking a long, relaxing bike ride. While the streets of Manhattan are crowded with noises of beeping traffic horns and loud sirens, the streets of Governor’s Island are totally car-free. This unique serenity paves the perfect path for a scenic bike ride around the perimeter of the island.

While green space may be difficult to come across in Manhattan, the Collective Retreats ranch on Governor’s Island is centered around a central Great Lawn. Spend your afternoon on a picnic blanket admiring the unobstructed view of the Statue of Liberty or play one of the many lawn games scattered across the grass.

As a Collective Retreats guest, you will have preferred access and a 10% discount at the nearby spa. This immersive European spa is designed to be a total oasis, as it is surrounded by lush, peaceful gardens and impressive outdoor pools.


Texas Hill Country

The area between Austin and San Antonio is an incredibly popular destination for a wilderness vacation. The breathtaking landscape, variety of natural wonders, and exciting attractions should make Hill Country a top contender for your next outdoor adventure.


Activities in Nature

While you are staying on the Texas Hill Country Collective Retreats ranch, you will have access to a large collection of wellness activities. If you enjoy meditation, you will be lulled into an enhanced state of serenity during our sound meditation sessions.

Relax on your yoga mat, fuzzy blanket, and pillow that is provided for you as you listen to an expert use singing bowls to relax your mind, body, and soul.

Another popular wellness experience on the Hill Country ranch is our sunrise yoga sessions. Designed to strengthen your muscles while calming your mind, these one-hour sessions will start your day on a healthy and happy foot.

If you want to bring home a memento that serves as a reminder of your peaceful and relaxing wilderness vacation, join our Bubbly and Branding event. While you sip on sparkling wine, you can use a classic Texan branding tool to personalize a cutting board that you get to bring home with you.

To really dive into the local wilderness, take advantage of our Sunrise and Sunset Hikes. You can grab a map and explore the beautiful nature surrounding you.


What To Pack for Outdoor Adventures

Deciding what to bring with you when you’re heading into the wilderness can be difficult. While it may take a few excursions to discover what you prefer having with you, we’re breaking down some essentials that are good starting points.



The sun is one of the first things you want to consider for outdoor adventures. If you’re heading to a place with a lot of rays and little shade, definitely make sure you have some good solar defenses. It’s always a good idea to pack a few hats, whether they be wide-brimmed sun hats, baseball caps, and bucket hats — whatever will help keep your head, face, neck, and shoulders comfortable.

Another good rule of thumb for the outdoors is to keep your clothes comfy and functional. Yes, you want to feel unrestricted while going for a scenic hike or biking along a winding path, but you also want to make sure your gear supports your body in the elements. This means sticking to fabrics that are breathable, moisture-wicking, and temperature-controlling.

For warmer weather, a good pair of biker shorts, a few tank tops, athletic socks, and a pair of trainers will serve you well. In chillier climates, layer up with athletic long-sleeve shirts, windbreakers, yoga pants, fleece-lined pants, and warm socks.


An Outdoor Getaway

Booking a vacation in the wilderness can be difficult if you prefer to stay in high-end accommodations. Collective Retreats recognized the lack of high-end accommodation options in the wilderness and decided to give guests the opportunity to choose both comfort and outdoor adventure.

Immerse yourself in the green space of NYC at Governor’s Island or the rolling hills of Texas Hill Country for the ultimate outdoor getaway. Rely on Collective Retreats to provide you with access to location-specific experiences that highlight the natural wonders of the area.



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