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Welcome to Collective Retreats

Much more than a place to sleep.

This is travel how it’s meant to be

Unique destinations
Thoughtful luxury
Mindblowing food
Expert concierge

We unlock destinations and free you to explore, discover, and connect. Here’s a little bit about what you can expect when you visit, from our customized luxury tents to our incredible under-the-stars dining. We can’t wait to show you around.

We’re here to guide and inspire

…Whether that means pointing you toward 
a secret sunrise spot,  arranging a cooking  lesson with our chef, or sending you off on a horseback riding adventure.

And we pride ourselves on delivering personal service...

That anticipates your needs and ensures that you have an  extraordinary journey .

About The Collective Traveler’s Mark

Long before smart phones and guide books, right up until the time of hobos, old world travelers used a system of personal symbols to communicate with each other and connect. We took inspiration from these adventurers to develop the Collective Retreats brand mark, which is derived from the symbol for shelter. In addition, each of our retreats has its own unique badge with marks within representing its standout features. And like the travelers of the old world, each of our team members and guests is invited to create their own personal Traveler’s Mark (like the one above)—a mark that uniquely represents you and travels with you along your own journey—learn more about Traveler’s Marks and our community of adventurers.

Our Retreats

We create retreats in extraordinary destinations across the country—and eventually, the world. From Montana to Colorado, each has its own spirit and personality, and we know you’ll love getting to know them all. We’re also constantly adding locations, which means the adventure is just beginning.