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We Turn Places into Unforgettable Experiences

Collective Retreats operates at the convergence of luxury hospitality and experiential travel creating a new way for travelers to connect and explore, rather than just providing a place to stay.  Each retreat is a thoughtful manifestation of the power of nature designed to instill a sense of human fulfillment and self-actualization that is found when people are reconnected to the outdoors.  We believe that everything and everyone are connected and every aspect of our retreats and the Collective brand is designed to minimize boundaries and distance between person and place, without sacrificing any comforts.

Defining Luxury Outdoor Hospitality

As leaders in the rapidly emerging outdoor hospitality space, and a B-Corp certified brand, our development approach is to offer personalized attention and to work collaboratively with our partners to design and operate memorable experiential travel retreats with a shared vision on making the least impact on the surroundings. We are actively pursuing development and repositioning projects as well as management agreements.

Commitment to a Collective Good

We share a love and respect of wild and beautiful places, and know that that demands participation in the ongoing fight to save them, and to help reverse the steep decline in the overall environmental health of our planet. We also know that travel, especially luxury travel, creates pollution as a by-product. That’s why we work steadily to reduce those harms and practice the most clean and environmentally friendly hospitality we can.

Pioneers in Outdoor Hospitality

Collective Retreats combines the best of adventure hospitality with modern luxury. Our accommodations are designed to remove boundaries and connect guests to their surroundings in a new way. The Collective guest experience is personalized and intuitive with pre-travel and on-site concierge services available to provide curated itineraries, farm-to-table fine dining, and uniquely local experiences.

Investment that Delivers

Our unique combination of design forward guest rooms in the outdoors, strong brand appeal, and authentic service creates an experiential guest journey that commands high REVPARs and guest satisfaction with lower revenue generation costs and capital investment. Less than 5% of Collective's bookings originate from third party channels.

A Brand is Built to Celebrate Each Locale

When customers step foot on a Collective Retreat, they are immediately immersed in the local setting. From the interior design of their accommodations, farm to table chef tasting menus, indoor/outdoor meeting spaces that pull in the surroundings, and retreat activities, each Collective Retreat is designed to connect people and place in a truly authentic way.

Delivering a Target Audience that Seeks Discovery

Our guests see themselves as experiences pioneers and have higher expectations than any other luxury traveler before. With an average net worth of $2 million and household income of over $250,000, they are the growth engine of the luxury industry and the new power purchasers.

Our Partnership and Development Team

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