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New York, NY

  • We are an 8-minute ferry ride from lower Manhattan and a 5-minute ferry ride from Brooklyn Bridge Park–affording much nicer views than the subway tunnels.
  • Please note: all guests must arrive via ferry. Click here for the schedule.
  • Don't worry about your luggage–upon arrival, our team will take it to your tent for you.
31 Available
31 Closed

Wimberley, TX

  • Collective Hill Country sits nestled among the juniper trees of Montesino Ranch.
  • Surrounded by 225 acres of ranch and organic farm, Collective Hill Country promises authentic Texas flavor with a modern twist.
  • In addition to horseback riding and other outdoor adventures, there are ample wineries, music venues, and art galleries nearby.
31 Available
31 Closed

Wolcott, CO

  • Get a taste of pristine Colorado countryside while still being an easy drive from a modern resort town.
  • Surrounded by over 1,000 acres of working ranchland, Collective Vail sits on one of the first and largest ranches in the Central Rockies.
  • Don't forget to visit the on-site winery where you can sip local varietals and take in the astounding views.
31 Available
31 Closed

Big Sky, MT

  • Collective Yellowstone has an enchanting high alpine feel, set on a freshwater pond and surrounded by towering mountains.
  • Enjoy access to Ulery’s Lake, a sandy swimming beach and dock stocked with canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards, as well as the members-only Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course within the Moonlight Basin Club.
  • Just an hour's drive from Yellowstone National Park.
31 Available
31 Closed

Ghent, NY

  • This bucolic retreat is set on Liberty Farms, a working organic farm and equestrian center.
  • Enjoy easy access to Hudson's stylish boutiques and design shops, as well as a variety of outdoor activities and historical sites.
  • Just a 2-hour, picturesque drive from New York City.
31 Available
31 Closed

About Collective Retreats

Let's get to know each other

Collective Retreats is a new, meaningful way to travel. Each retreat is located in an iconic destination and features luxury outdoor accommodations, exceptional culinary experiences, and genuine hospitality. We created Collective Retreats because we love travel and believe in its power to help us connect—to places, to people, and to ourselves.

We love travel and hospitality—a shared appreciation of exploration, adventure, and innovation. We’re dedicated to making luxury coexist with ruggedness, fine dining to exist under the stars and people to connect with unique places and the people around them.


Our Team

This wouldn’t exist without the people dedicated to creating amazing experiences. Here’s a few of the faces you’ll see when you arrive.

Guicho Pons Company Profile Photo josh temp

Guicho Pons English

Chief Investment Officer & Interim CFO
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Our Team Vanessa Vitale Ocean Wolf 01 1 e1514913472345

Vanessa Vitale

Senior Vice President of Hospitality
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Our Team Cassie Novack PeterBadge 1

Cassie Novick

Senior Vice President - Creative, Design, and Experience
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Maud Lindseth

Maud Lindseth

Director, People and Culture
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Amanda Mike Wedding Getting Ready PeterBadge 1

Jordan Bibeau

Director of Brand Operations
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Our Team McKenzie Howry Mountain Wolf employee badge

McKenzie Howrey

Reservations and Concierge Manager
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Anelia Abdukhalikova-Martin

Manager, Revenue and Digital Marketing Performance
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Our Team Jim Zamorski Mountain Eagle employee badge

Jim Zamorski

Senior Manager, Construction
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Chris Malcaus

Assistant General Manager, Collective Governors Island
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Mickael Chavy

Mickael Chavy

General Manager, Collective Vail
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Ezra Lewis

Ezra Lewis

Executive Chef, Collective Governors Island
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Heather Cain

General Manager, Collective Hill Country
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Tim Ullio Mountain Wolf employee badge

Tim Ullio

Assistant General Manager, Collective Vail
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Nakida Phillip Michel

Manager of Housekeeping, Collective Governors Island
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Julie Andree

Digital & Social Marketing Manager
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Yvette Fernandes

Front Office/Guest Services, Collective Vail and Collective Hill Country
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Alex Aviles

Chef de Cuisine, Collective Hill Country
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Haley Czuma

People & Culture Coordinator
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Samantha Dalton

Brand Experience & Training Manager
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Jason Smith

Talent Acquisition Manager
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Nathan Shinagawa

Company Advisor: COVID-19, Health, and Safety
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Megan Crosser

Company Advisor: COVID-19, Health, and Safety
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Join the Team.

Get outdoors with us.

We’re growing quick and we need your help. Take a look through current job openings here.

Together we are building the

Collective Good


Our Collective Mission

To revolutionize outdoor hospitality through a collection of dynamic destination retreats and enriching experiences that connect person, community, and environment.

Our Reason for Being

We started Collective Retreats to help people experience travel the way it should be—as a way to connect. Beginning with our first retreat, we took inspiration from the mountains and their raw beauty, as well as our own experiences traveling and connecting with people and places over the years.

We aim to create transformative moments and a way of traveling that would provide connection and meaning. Luxury coexists with ruggedness, fine dining happens under the stars, and our guests connect deeply to a magical place, to those around them, and to themselves.

We aspire to return travel to what it should be—a way of connecting to each other and to our natural world. And the foundation of all of this is our commitment to safeguarding these destinations, in form and spirit, for generations of travelers to come.

Our Name

“Collective Retreats” references more than our collection of destination retreats. “Collective” comes from our core belief that we’re inextricably tied to each other and to our world, and that travel is the way we experience, understand, and deepen that connection. “Retreat” is rooted in the idea that travel leads us to a more grounded and true version of ourselves. When you bring these two ideas together—exploration to foster deeper connection—you have the spirit of Collective Retreats.


Our values reflect who we are and what we believe in. We’re a team of outdoor explorers and travelers driven by a desire to help others experience the world the way we have.

We share a love and respect of wild and beautiful places, and know that that demands participation in the ongoing fight to save them, and to help reverse the steep decline in the overall environmental health of our planet. We also know that travel, especially luxury travel, creates pollution as a by-product. That’s why we work steadily to reduce those harms and practice the most clean and environmentally friendly hospitality we can.

Our Pledge: Collective Good

We pledge to be stewards of the environment in two ways. First, our retreats are designed to help guests immerse themselves in extraordinary destinations, leaving them more aware and connected to natural environments. With trip after unforgettable trip, we aim to create more environmental stewards to join our mission. Second, knowing how integral travel is to environmental stewardship, we seek to make our own role in the industry as low impact and innovative as possible.

The Traveler's Mark

Long before smart phones and guide books, old world travelers used a system of personal symbols to communicate to each other and connect. We took inspiration from these adventurers to develop the Collective Retreats brand mark, which is derived from the symbol for shelter. In addition, each of our retreats has its own unique badge with marks within representing its standout features. And like the travelers of the old world, each of our team members and guests is invited to create their own personal Traveler’s Mark—a mark that uniquely represents you and travels with you along your own journey—learn more about Traveler’s Marks and our community of adventurers.

The Collective Traveler

As a seasoned traveler, you’re probably accustomed to earn-and-redeem loyalty programs with points or miles. But that doesn’t mean you like them. These traditional programs are outdated for many reasons: they handcuff you to a single brand, reduce your experience to opaque numbers—and who can remember all those usernames and passwords?

At Collective Retreats, you’ll always be an individual person to us. One way that we want to acknowledge your personal preferences, needs, and quirks is by giving you the option of creating your own individual Traveler’s Mark. This unique symbol is a beautiful representation of some of the key qualities you identify with, and a way to welcome you into the Collective family. And, because each of Collective team members and your fellow guests will also have individual marks, we suspect these symbols might lead to some pretty enriching conversations.

Once you create your mark, it will become a part of your Collective Retreats experience before, during, and after a stay at one of our retreats. And that’s just the beginning of our commitment to you and your individuality—you can look forward to one-on-one service, personalized recognition and rewards, and more. We can’t wait to have you in our world.

Partner with Collective

Collective Retreats is an experiential travel company. We partner with landowners of all sizes to build unique luxury travel accommodations with minimal impact to your property. We’d love to connect to talk about your property or business. Please feel free to email us directly at partners@collectiveretreats.com

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