Immerse Yourself in Nature's Elegance: The Conservatory Collective Unveiled - Luxury Outdoor Hospitality

Embark on a journey where nature and luxury converge in perfect harmony – welcome to The Conservatory Collective.

I’m Pleased to announce a new vision of Collective Retreats, The Conservatory Collective.

More than just a collection of properties, the Conservatory Collective reflects our deep connection to the outdoors and a commitment to creating intentional and purposeful retreats that redefine the concept of experiential outdoor hospitality. Join us-

What is The Conservatory Collective?

The Conservatory Collective is a carefully curated selection of nature-based properties that pay homage to the simple yet elegant beauty of the natural world. Imagine the crash of ocean waves, the melody of birds in the trees, and the serene quiet of a desert night – each property echoes the soundtrack of nature, offering guests intentional experiences to observe and interact with the spectacular destinations they inhabit.

A Celebration of Nature’s Beauty

At the heart of the Conservatory Collective is an ethos that celebrates the sacredness of nature. Each property is more than just a retreat; it’s a story-driven, purposeful haven that delivers a high-quality service experience. These retreats go beyond traditional definitions of luxury, focusing on the connection to nature and immersive experiences that create both guest and business model value.

Experiential Outdoor Hospitality: Redefining Luxury

We coin the term “experiential outdoor hospitality” to distinguish ourselves from conventional hotel stays or nature excursions. The Conservatory Collective represents properties that embody thoughtfulness, investment, and superior service. In our world, luxury is redefined as the connection to nature coupled with exceptional services and experiences.

Unlike traditional luxury hotels that isolate guests from their surroundings, Conservatory retreats offer designs, stories, and services that seamlessly connect people to nature and their settings. Picture sipping a beverage infused with local ingredients, discovering the stories of the local community, or indulging in menus inspired by unique local ingredients and cooking techniques.

More Than a Hotel Stay: Crafting Purposeful Experiences

We are not in the business of commodity shopping or transactional stays.  We are a brand that curates and promises unique value to our guests – a portfolio of thoughtfully selected, purpose-driven retreats.

In a world where we transcend the traditional definitions of hotels and online travel agencies, the Conservatory Collective invites you to join us in a journey where nature’s elegance and purposeful experiences intertwine, creating memories that go beyond the ordinary.  Join us for the journey-

-Peter Mack
Founder & CEO

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