8 Ideas for the Best Family Get-Together

8 Ideas for the Best Family Get-Together

Family time is crucial. As people move away and schedules get busier, it can seem more and more difficult to bring the entire family together for a fun family reunion. Sometimes, events like weddings or anniversary parties are the only reason for bringing everyone to the same place.

It might be time to plan a special family get-together. There are countless options for family activities, experiences, and trips, so be sure to consider the size of your family, the time of year, and the interests of your various family members.

Whether you decide to spend an entire weekend together on vacation or plan a specially-themed family night full of fun games, putting in a little extra consideration to ensure time for family bonding is a wonderful idea.


1. Enjoy an Outdoor Getaway in Vail

Vail is home to exciting ski slopes, beautiful scenery, and exciting adventures. If you plan a trip to Vail as your family reunion idea, you are guaranteed to be greeted with fun for the whole family. It’s more than just a family photo op with a pretty view; there are plenty of fun activities for everyone.


A Luxurious Culinary Experience for Your Family Event

While staying at Vail Collective Retreats, you can enjoy a gourmet culinary experience prepared by the on-site chef. Start your morning with a fresh farm-to-table breakfast, which includes options such as a yogurt bowl with fresh berries, local honey, and toasted oats.

When lunchtime rolls around, you won’t have to worry about packing sandwiches for the whole family. Instead, reserve a table at the on-site cafe to choose from a menu full of sandwiches and salads.

If you want to spend your lunchtime exploring the campgrounds, your family can pick up packed lunches before setting out for a day of adventure.

Lastly, at the end of the day, there is no need to spend an hour trying to find a restaurant that fits everyone’s standards. Instead, as guests on the retreat, you can enjoy a multi-course prepared by our chef.

Sip on a glass of wine, enjoy the local ingredients, and share stories with your family as you wind down following a magical day.


Activities in Vail

It can be incredibly difficult to plan an itinerary that will satisfy the entire family. As a Collective Retreats guest, you can contact our concierge to make any reservations you need and supply you with any gear needed for the day’s activities.

If you want to experience Colorado from a unique perspective, book a horseback riding tour for the entire family. This private one- or two-hour tour will be led by a local expert and will take you through the entire ranch.

Whether your family has never been fishing or is extremely comfortable with a fishing rod, you will want to try your hand at fly fishing in Colorado.

Vail is one of the biggest hotspots in the country for fly fishing, thanks to the expansive network of rivers, steady currents, and consistent temperatures. Wading in the water while listening to the peaceful sounds of nature and admiring the scenery is an unforgettable experience.


2. Immerse Yourself in Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill Country is known for its peaceful environment, impressive foliage, and collection of outdoor activities.


What Accommodations Are There in Texas Hill Country?

Before you set out on a day of Texas adventures, you will need a place to get ready and store your belongings. When booking accommodations in Texas, there is no need to look any further than Collective Retreats. Designed to perfect the indoor/outdoor living experience, you won’t have any shortage of luxurious amenities at your Collective Retreats lodgings.

The Summit Tent, our most popular accommodation option, is a wonderfully spacious accommodation decorated with antique, Texas-inspired furnishings. You can begin your day with a hot shower in your en suite bathroom and sip morning coffee on the private deck that is located just outside your door.

After a day of exciting family adventures, decompress by sipping a cocktail by the campfire or gazing up at the clear, starry night sky. Then, hop into your king-sized bed that is dressed with high-quality linens for a restful night of sleep before another day of family fun.



Take advantage of the serene landscapes and take your family to a sunrise yoga session. While it might be difficult to get everyone up and out of their luxurious beds, they will appreciate the experience of watching the light from the sunrise dance across the rolling hills.

For a creative endeavor that ensures everyone leaves the family vacation with a personal memento, spend an afternoon at our on-site painting experience. Snack on delicious bites and sip on curated wine while creating a Hill Country-themed painting to take home with you.


3. Plan It Around an Event

A fantastic way to get the family together is to select a public event or show that you can all experience together. If you can find a common interest among the family, everyone will have something to look forward to, with the added bonus of experiencing it with loved ones.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Buy tickets for your family’s favorite sports team and cheer them on to victory together. Plan a luxurious tailgate beforehand for some time to share snacks and drinks.
  • Pick a concert, show, or performance that everyone will love. Nothing brings the family together like a night filled with singing along to your favorite songs or being wowed by an on-stage performance.
  • For a more casual event that is still sure to entertain every member of the family, buy tickets for a comedy show. Make a reservation for the whole family following the show so you can recall your favorite moments over a delicious dinner.


4. Experience a Picnic in the Park 

A beautiful day in a park or at the shore is the perfect setting for a family get-together. Everyone can pack their favorite foods and drinks, bring their favorite board games or card games to play, and sprawl out on the grass or sand with blankets and chairs. If you’ve got a large group at every family gathering, spending time in the park offers ample space.

Parks and beaches make for great family meet-ups because there’s a fun idea for an activity that will appeal to everyone in your extended family.

Children can get their energy out by swimming, playing in the sand, running around in the grass, or playing at a nearby playground as the adults can chat, listen to a playlist featuring family favorites, read, and play games.


5. Compete During a Game Night

A little friendly competition can really bring the family together. Pick a night to host and invite everyone for all kinds of games. Some games may require you to challenge each other, and some may require you to work as a team to be victorious. Either way, this is a healthy and enjoyable way to bond and make lasting memories together.

A few ideas for family reunion games include:

  • Family history trivia
  • A family-themed scavenger hunt
  • A family talent show
  • Icebreaker questions to get to know your family better

You can also encourage your family members to bring their favorite snacks and drinks — this will complete what is sure to be a great family get-together.


6. Host a Bake Off

Cooking and baking competition shows are more popular than ever, so there’s no better time to try hosting a bake-off with your own family. This is a party idea where everyone separately attempts to make their best cupcakes or pies before coming together for a little competition. Bonus points for a family recipe!

It’s up to you how you set up this family reunion activity. Maybe everyone votes on who brought the best treat in the lineup, or the eldest in the family crowns the winner. Any way you plan it, bake-offs make for an exciting way to bring the family together. And, of course, the members of the family who can’t bake can always provide the ice cream.

You can also go the more traditional route by hosting a potluck dinner, but it makes it more fun and interesting if everyone is trying to impress each other with their skills.


7. Outdoor Movie Night

If it’s summertime, consider renting a projector and creating an intimate at-home drive-in. Sitting under a starry night sky and watching a family favorite is definitely a crowd-pleaser.

Be sure to prepare trays filled with food and drinks. You can keep the menu simple with easy options like hot dogs or watermelon or encourage guests to bring their favorite foods to share.

With some lawn chairs, a projector, high-quality throw blankets, and cozy pillows, you will be surprised by how glamorous this DIY idea can be.

There’s also nothing wrong with having a traditional movie night indoors! While there may be less space for everyone to sprawl out, it’s still totally doable. Try moving furniture around, adding fairy lights, and laying out blankets and pillows on the floor for a cozy movie atmosphere. A classic film is a foolproof way to get everyone laughing (or crying) together.


8. Embark on a Family Hike

If you are lucky enough to live in an area with a diverse range of hiking trails, research suitable trails for the entire family tree.

Plan a day to gather the family and set out for a beautiful day in nature. Taking in the sun, the fresh air, and some breathtaking views together can be a very relaxing, peaceful, and bonding experience.


The Importance of Bonding Time

There is nothing more meaningful than intentional bonding time with your entire family. Experiencing new activities, admiring gorgeous views, and dining on decadent meals together are some of the many ways to spend your next family reunion or casual get-together.


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