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The Most Luxurious Places in America To Go Camping

The Most Luxurious Places in America To Go Camping

When you think of a luxurious vacation, you don’t think of sleeping in the cold, eating food out of a can, or going without a shower for a week. So, is it possible to have a luxurious vacation while at a campground?

We understand that just because you have become accustomed to luxuries in your everyday life, that doesn’t mean you don’t crave outdoor adventure or immersion into nature. Nothing is more serene than spending a weekend in nature, and we believe you don’t have to choose between comfort and outdoor exploration at a national park or another world-class camping spot.

We have rounded up some of our favorite places for a luxurious camping trip below, keeping in mind beautiful sights and peaceful environments. However, if camping isn’t your preference, you can also enjoy nature while having access to high-quality accommodations.


Outdoor Adventures With Collective Retreats

Collective Retreats aims to provide adventurers with a luxurious indoor/outdoor vacation experience. The moment our guests step outside, they are immersed in the beautiful views that rival any other outdoor destination in the country. Then, they can return to the comfort and ease of their luxury accommodation at the end of the night.

If you love the outdoors but want a hot shower, delicious food, and access to miles of trails and stunning views, a getaway with us is the way to go.


Luxury Accommodations in Nature

While each of our locations differs slightly in its accommodation options, our most popular choice is the Summit Tent.

While the decor and furniture are designed to emulate the rustic and antique style of the natural area around you, the space evokes five-star hotels. Each of Summit Tents offer an en-suite restroom, bedside electrical hookups, and spacious beds. The bed’s high thread-count linens and rich, woven textiles will feel soft on your skin, and the temperature-controlled room will guarantee a deep sleep.

To continue immersing yourself in nature, you can begin and end every day admiring the scenery from your personal deck located just outside your door.


Elevated Culinary Experiences

On a luxurious vacation, there are promises of gourmet meals and exciting menus. At Collective Retreats, we have put thought and consideration into the culinary experience for guests on our ranch.

A reservation with Collective Retreats grants you access to gourmet meals crafted by our on-site chef. Each meal features fresh, local ingredients and highlights local cuisine. While you are dining on a decadent meal and appreciating the natural beauty that surrounds you, you will also be getting an intimate exposure to the local culture.


Stay in Vail, Colorado

For those who love exciting outdoor adventures and unparalleled mountain views, we recommend the Collective Retreats ranch that sits right outside of Vail, Colorado.


Indulge in Activities

If your idea of luxury is to get your heart pumping and try experiences you never had before, sign up for one of our many outdoor activities.

For a calm but unique activity, sign up for an afternoon of fly fishing. Vail is one of the country’s biggest fly fishing hot spots, thanks to its impressive network of rivers and dense fish population. You will feel like one with nature as you wade in the water, cast your line, look up at the mountaintops, and breathe in the fresh air.

For an easy and luxurious afternoon, pick up a packed lunch made by our on-site chef and head out to the many picnic tables in our dedicated picnic area. Sipping on a bubbly wine and snacking on gourmet snacks while taking in the remarkable views sounds like luxury to us.


Wellness Experiences

Luxury and relaxation often go hand-in-hand: a luxurious trip should reduce any feelings of stress and increase feelings of calmness and happiness. Collective Retreats had this in mind when curating the wellness experiences offered at every ranch.

As a guest at the Vail Collective Retreats ranch, you will have access to miles of hiking trails that combine the best aspects of hiking and meditation. Before embarking on your hiker’s journey, you will be handed a map of the short trail with intentionally marked locations where you can stop and practice mindfulness. After your hike on this trail, you will feel refreshed and restored.


Governors Island

If you can’t seem to pull yourself away from the city but are still craving an outdoor camping trip, book a stay on Governors Island: a small island sitting right outside of Manhattan. Collective Retreats is currently the only accommodation option on this small, green oasis, and it is the perfect environment for a luxurious camping trip.


What Can You Do When You Stay on Governors Island?

Governor’s Island is only accessible by ferry, meaning the peacefulness found on the island won’t be interrupted by beeping horns or sirens. The streets that stretch over the island are only used by pedestrians and are the perfect excuse for a nice, relaxing, scenic ride on a biking trail.

You can book a bike rental with the Collective Retreats concierge before pedaling down the 2.5-mile stretch that covers the island’s entire perimeter. The calming sounds of birds chirping and water splashing in the harbor will be accompanied by unobstructed views of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline.

While green space can be difficult to come across in New York City, the Collective Retreats ranch on Governor’s Island is centered around an expansive Great Lawn recreation area. With comfortable seating areas available for relaxation, you can also choose to take part in any of the lawn games scattered across the grass.


Wellness Experiences

If you are coming from the city, you are most likely pursuing a camping trip for rest and relaxation. That is why there are many wellness offerings at the Governor’s Island Collective Retreat, one of the most rejuvenating spots in the whole of North America.

First, nothing will calm your mind and body more than an early morning yoga session. Beginning at 8 am every day, you can watch the Manhattan buildings and rivers shine under the light from the sunrise. You will start your day on a relaxing and healthy foot, as the sessions are designed to strengthen your muscles and calm your mind.

After a peaceful morning of yoga, walk to the spa next door to take advantage of your 10% Collective Retreats discount. This immersive European spa offers all of the best treatments, with lush gardens and outdoor swimming pools surrounding the building.


Texas Hill Country

Let’s say you’re a die-hard fan of the Southwest, but you’ve already gone tent camping in Big Sur and above the Grand Canyon. Where do you go next?

If you are looking for an upscale weekend getaway in the South, be sure to book a luxurious camping trip at the Texas Hill Country Collective Retreats ranch.


Luxurious Activities in Texas Hill Country

If your idea of luxury is being provided with all of the necessary tools to create a beautiful piece of memorabilia, you will love what this Collective Retreats location has to offer.

First, you can book a reservation at the painting experience to be led on a step-by-step journey in creating a Hill Country-themed painting. While using high-quality paints to create a beautiful piece of art, you can sip on a glass of wine and snack on delicious bites.

For a more unique memento, have our concierge book you a spot in our daily Bubbly and Branding experience. Begin by sampling sparkling wine and a curated cheese selection prepared by our chef before heading over to the campfire. Here, you will use a classic Texan branding tool to personalize your own cutting board.

Don’t forget to try your hand at horseback riding before you end the day making smores at one of our on-site fire pits.


Wellness Experiences

The rolling hills, lush foliage, and remote location of Hill Country perfectly set the stage for luxurious wellness experiences. To begin, we take meditation to the next level and offer a totally immersive sound meditation experience.

Lay back on your yoga mat, fuzzy blanket, and pillow provided for you at the start of class as an expert lulls you into serenity with the calming noises of sound bowls.

Nothing is more luxurious than a personal massage in your space. After booking a time with our concierge, a professional masseuse will come to your camping tent site for a sixty- or ninety-minute session. Relax under the skillful hands of the masseuse as they work out any tension in your body and provide you with a tranquil experience.


The Best Places To Go Camping in the US

The US is full of gorgeous state parks and national forests with views beyond compare. However, not everyone is interested in visiting RV parks, camping destinations, or even glamping locations. For explorers whose idea of a relaxing vacation has little to do with sleeping bags or yurts, there is another luxury option available to you.

If you have always felt torn between wanting to meet your accommodation needs and exploring the outdoors, you will feel at home on a Collective Retreats getaway. Feeling connected to nature without sacrificing comfort is a wonderful experience that will leave you refreshed and ready for the next adventure.



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