The 8 Top Places To See the Sunset in Texas Hill Country

The 8 Top Places To See the Sunset in Texas Hill Country

Couple walking through the forest at sunset in Collective Retreats

Watching the sky fill with orange, pink, red, and purple as it slowly retreats below the horizon is an experience that never gets old. Texas is full of wide open spaces where you can sit back and relax for a while as the sun sets.

Of all the wonderful options in Texas for sunset views, the Hill Country is a spoil of riches. No matter where you go in the area, the setting sun is a sight to behold. To make your relaxing journey even easier, we’ve created a list of beautiful spots to enjoy a Texas Hill Country sunset.



Fredericksburg is one of the most visited areas of Texas Hill Country, known for its expansive beauty and charm. One of the most popular attractions in Fredericksburg is Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, which is centered around a pink granite dome.

You will be able to explore 8.4 miles of hiking trails, rock climbing, and cave exploration. Most importantly, this location provides an inspiring sunset view; bring one of our gourmet Collective Explorer’s Lunches to any of its lookout points, and admire the sky as it comes alive before dusk.


Johnson City

Johnson City is a small town with a population of about 1,000 people, and you may be familiar with Johnson City as the hometown of former President Lyndon B. Johnson. For a wonderful day outside and front-row seats to a Texan sunset, head to Pedernales Falls State Park.

During the day in warmer weather, hop in the river for a refreshing swim or take a tube, canoe, or kayak out on the shining water. After a few hours of swimming and exploring, take the .5-mile Twin Falls Nature Trail to a scenic overlook that gives you an unparalleled view of the falls as you watch the light of the sunset reflect off the water.



Luckenbach is the smallest town in Texas and is home to this big state’s smallest state park. The Old Tunnel State Park is an abandoned railroad tunnel.

This town and park will provide the most unique sunset-viewing experience in the area. As you see the beams of light shine through the tunnel during sunset, you may also discover birds and bats dancing in the light. This one-of-a-kind vantage point is perfect for lovers of animal life and its natural wonders.



What Kerrville lacks in population, it makes up for in beauty and charm. The Kerrville-Schreiner Park sits on the Guadalupe River, which draws people in for water-focused fun. You can rent a kayak or canoe to take out on the water for full or half-day rentals. If water activities aren’t for you, enjoy the waterside breeze with a lawn chair and your favorite book in hand.

Be sure to get front-row seats by the water for sunset as you watch the sun graciously lower itself behind the bank of trees that line the river.


San Marcos

If you prefer a short hike over water-based activities, we recommend visiting San Marcos. San Marcos is one of the biggest towns on this list, with a population of 64,000. It offers access to a variety of businesses and restaurants in addition to opportunities for outdoor excursions.

For the best views of the Texas sunset, we suggest heading to Grandma’s Oak. This truly impressive tree sits on Dante’s Trail, a 4.1-mile trail with beautiful local flora. The tree’s canopy spans many tens of feet in both directions and hands over a fallen limb, which is perfect for a comfortable seat.

After an energizing hike, rest your feet while sitting on the fallen limb and prepare yourself for a stunning sunset that shines through the many branches of this beloved tree.


New Braunfels

Located near San Antonio, New Braunfels conveniently sits on the Comal and Guadalupe rivers, making it a wonderful escape for outdoor activities. There are many parks in the area to choose from, but the largest and most visited is Fischer Park.

Spend a few hours leisurely strolling the greenway trails, where you can enjoy fresh air, explore the two fishing ponds, or play with your children at the playgrounds. When it’s time to settle in for sunset, head to the 62-acre hilltop park to get a wide view of New Braunfels and the nature beyond glowing in the light of sunset.


Dripping Springs

Dripping Springs is considered a rural town, but it has stunning natural features that make a trip out worth it. One of the most popular landmarks is Reimers Ranch Park since it has a little something for everyone. During your visit, you can take advantage of the designated fishing areas, 18 miles of hiking trails, or bouldering walls.

For sunset, the best view will be from a chair on the riverside beach. Immediately beyond the river sits one of the many rolling hills in the area, giving you a unique backdrop for a beautiful sunset.



Wimberley is considered one of the most popular spots for explorers, young and old, in Texas Hill Country, meaning you have plenty of spots to choose from when picking a sunset-watching destination.

For an easy trek to yet another stunning view, we recommend checking out Old Baldy Park. The centerpiece of this park is at the peak of Mount Baldy, which you’ll reach after climbing a 218-step limestone staircase. Once you get to the top, you will swear that you are looking over every part of Hill Country as you watch the sunset hit countless acres.

Arguably, a spot just as impressive as, if not better, than the top of Mount Baldy is your own private deck. If you choose to visit Wimberley on a trip with Collective Retreats, you can choose from one of three accommodations types that each come with a private deck and two lounge chairs.

Once you see one sunset in the Hill Country, we can almost guarantee you will want to see a few more. Collective Retreats gives you more time to relax as you enjoy all of the culinary, wellness-focused, and adventurous experiences Hill Country has to offer.


What Else Is There To Do in Wimberley?

Sunsets aren’t the only attraction in Wimberley; it’s the perfect place to experience the best of Texas Hill Country. Spend your days immersing yourself in other outdoor activities offered by the Collective Retreats experience.


Meditation and Yoga

If you are looking to escape to the countryside to relax your mind and body, let our luxury retreat lead the way. We offer daily sound meditation and yoga sessions for our Collective Retreats guests to boost your mood and center your mind.

Let an expert lull you into serenity with the sounds of singing bowls as you get comfortable with the fuzzy blanket, pillow, and yoga mat provided for you.

If you want something a little more active, wake up with the sun to stretch your body as you overlook the rolling hills that surround the ranch. A yoga instructor will take you through a full body flow as you strengthen your muscles and discover peace.

The session is accompanied by a booster wellness shot and green juice crafted by our chef, as we understand that yoga is just one part of a holistic wellness experience.



There is no better way to get an up-close experience of Hill Country foliage than through a hike. There are two hiking trails conveniently located on the Collective Retreats ranch that you can take on a self-guided tour or with a group.

Book a sunset hike with the concierge to be led through beautiful patches of greenery during golden hour, when every leaf practically sparkles in the light.


Horseback Riding

Another wonderful aspect of an outdoor trip is enjoying our favorite activities that we rarely have access to in the city.

With no prior experience needed, you can embark on a two-hour tour of the ranch on horseback with a local expert. This will allow you to travel much farther than if you were on foot and help you connect with the energy of the nature around you.


Time To Catch the Sunset

There is hardly a more beautiful sight than a colorful sunset sitting above an expansive view of foliage and open space. Texas Hill Country checks these boxes and more, making it the top contender for a peaceful, restorative, and beautiful vacation.

We welcome you to take advantage of the natural beauty found in your own backyard and journey to the mountaintop in time to enjoy the gorgeous Texas sunset.



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