CAYLA BRAUN - Luxury Outdoor Hospitality


Senior Accounting Manager

Cayla is a tried-and-true hill country native from Austin, Texas. Her passion for the outdoors began as a child, where she spent most of her weekends taking on adventures with her family. She began her career in hospitality as a staff accountant for some of Austin’s most iconic food and beverage restaurants. She later served as the Accounting Manager for The Line Hotel Austin & DC. Cayla’s combined love for making people laugh and being outdoors led her to a career in hospitality where she has now enjoyed nearly a decade in the industry.




I aim to do everything I can to tap into the local culture and rituals of each new place I encounter. Making connections with locals to help guide what I do and see is a meaningful way to get the authentic experience I crave. Everywhere has something to offer that isn’t readily apparent on the surface. It’s the beauty in finding that which excites me.

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