BRITTANY MILLER | Collective Retreats


Director of Operations

Brittany has been a lover of both the outdoors and hospitality from a young age. Growing up in Phoenix, AZ, Brittany and her family spent most weekends traveling to Northern Arizona to camp and enjoy relief from the summer heat of the Valley. On these trips, Brittany would split her time between hiking, building tree forts with her brother, and helping her mom prepare camp meals for all of the families traveling together. So was born this joint love of the outdoors and service. Brittany went on to attend college in East Tennessee at the foothills of the GSMNP. There she began formal work in hospitality at RT Lodge, a corporate event center, and continued to build her love of trails and hiking. Post-Grad, she decided to pack up and move to Western Montana to work at The Ranch at Rock Creek. The wide-open spaces and cowboy life were wonderful, but connections sent Brittany back to East Tennessee, where she would begin a 5-year journey with a luxury hospitality brand, Blackberry Farm. Now in NYC, Brittany is excited to pair her deep love of hospitality and the outdoors with the Collective Retreats team.




Packing and unpacking! There is something wonderful about the careful selection of items during packing and then the transition back to “normal life” in unpacking.

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