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We don’t like to toot our own horn, but we’re excited to share some nice things the media has written about Collective Retreats. For media requests, please reach out to

After all, didn’t Theodore Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway stay in such accomodations?
Denver Post


"One of the most beautiful, fun adventures we’d gone on in a long time.” - Gail Simmons


"Guests get the best of all worlds, creature comforts and an adrenaline charge." - Ann Abel

Fast Company

"Roughing it in the wilderness this is not." - Rina Raphael

Business Insider

"No two tents look exactly alike on the inside." - Melia Robinson

Condé Nast Traveler

"The concept is simple: Give travelers five-star accommodations where traditional hotels can’t be built." - Lauren DeCarlo

Travel & Leisure

"For those embracing the glamping trend with open arms." - Nina Ruggiero


"Guests aren’t known by their membership number but by their own personalized 'travelers’ mark.'” - Deanna Ting


"The tent is the size of a large NYC hotel room and comes with its own ensuite bathroom." - Emily Ramshaw


"Each location is unique and authentic." - Paige Alexus

Hospitality Design

"The brand seeks to connect travelers with exotic locales and landscapes." - Will Speros

Mountain Living

"And for the quintessential fireside dessert, s’mores kits are available nightly." - Vanessa Ricetti


"The major selling point on all of Collective Resorts' collateral: this tent delivers." - Colin St. John

Denver Post

"After all, didn’t Theodore Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway stay in such accommodations?" - Joshua Berman