Where To Go Fly Fishing in Texas Hill Country

Where To Go Fly Fishing in Texas Hill Country

Father and his son fishing in Texas Hill Country

Standing knee-deep in the water as you admire the grand cypress trees in the distance is a perfect place to cast your line. Even if you don’t consider yourself an outdoorsy person, fishing can offer a tranquil experience that will allow you to immerse yourself in Texas’s gorgeous landscape and provide you with a meditative space to unwind.

We are sure you are familiar with fly fishing, but you may be looking for a new place to cast your line. Luckily, Texas Hill Country has many different wonderful spots for fly fishing, each offering a unique fishing experience and breathtaking scenery.


Cypress Creek

Located in Wimberley, Cypress Creek is spring-fed, sitting in between Jacob’s Well and the Blanco River. You can always count on a steady water flow here that consistently brings a strong population of trout. There are private and public sections of the Creek, meaning you can choose to pay a small fee for a less crowded space or access the public sections for free.

The waters in the creek are truly crystal clear, so be sure to take caution and avoid scaring the trout away.


Other Things To Explore Near Cypress Creek

If you are looking for a spot that gives you access to the creek while also providing the space to relax after fishing, head to Cypress Creek Park. Not only will you have water access for fishing, but the creek also feeds into Lake Travis at the park, giving you the space for boating and swimming.

Once you are finished on or in the water, use their picnic tables to enjoy your Collective Explorer’s Lunch as you watch the golden light from the sunshine across the water.


Blanco River

There is one point of access along the Blanco River that is extremely popular among fly fishers, and it conveniently sits in Blanco State Park. Depending on availability, you can rent rods and reels from the park if you don’t have supplies of your own.

While fishing here, it’s a possibility to catch a Guadalupe bass, channel catfish, sunfish, or rainbow trout. The sounds of rushing waterfalls created by a dam on the river will provide a serene backdrop to your fishing experience.


Other Things to Explore

Not only does the dam provide peaceful sounds, but it has also created a natural swimming hole that people use for a variety of water-focused activities. Sitting next to the dam and the waterfall, the swimming hole is large enough to fit all visitors and stays at a comfortable 75 degrees year-round.

If you’d rather stay on top of the water, you can rent a canoe or kayak and glide across the water as you admire the surrounding beauty.

Lastly, there is plenty of space around the water for hiking or relaxing. Be sure to use the picnic pavilion to lay out a picnic blanket, pull out your favorite treats, and share a picturesque meal with your loved ones.


Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is a must-see attraction in Hill Country, and there are many points around the circumference of the lake where you can go fly fishing. Although the potential for types of fish to catch may vary slightly depending on what access point you visit, there is a chance to catch largemouth, smallmouth, white, striped, and Guadalupe bass.

You might even want to try a few different spots within the day to have a variety of viewpoints, looking over the lake, rolling hills, and the forest around you.


Other Things To Explore Near Canyon Lake

Just by the nature of the landscape, other popular activities at Canyon Lake include hiking and swimming. There are many different hikes to choose from, but we recommend looking out for the ones that have an overlook in the middle because the views of Canyon Lake and the Hill Country in the distance are not to be missed.

Swimming in the lake will refresh your body and soul and give you unparalleled views of the 100-foot-tall cypress trees that line the lake.


Guadalupe River

The Guadalupe River is the most popular spot in Texas Hill Country for fly fishing due to its steady stream, wonderful views, and variety of fish. Additionally, the water stays cold enough year-round to keep multiple kinds of trout. When fishing here, you have the chance to catch trout, bass, Rio Grande cichlid, and more.

For an easy access point for fishing and other outdoor activities, head over to Guadalupe River State Park.


Other Things To Explore Near the Guadalupe River

If you want more time on the water without a fishing rod in hand, you can take advantage of the steady stream and take a kayak or canoe out onto the river. There are kayaks and canoes to rent, and the park is the starting point of the five-mile Guadalupe River State Park Paddling Trail, which will take you on a calm route surrounded by amazing scenery.

If you want to feel more immersed in the forested areas of the park, there are plenty of hiking trails to choose from. In fact, the park boasts over 13 miles of hiking and biking trails. If you are looking for a moderately challenging hike that will get your heart pumping, take the 2.86-mile Painted Bunting Trail. If you are only invested in a hike so you can reach a jaw-dropping lookout point, take the 0.3-mile River Overlook Trail.


Pedernales River

Pedernales River is a steadily-flowing stream traveling over 100 miles from springs in Kimble County to the Colorado River. The best entry point for fly fishing on the river is Pedernales Falls State Park, which offers gorgeous scenery as your backdrop for fishing, as well as other wonderful outdoor activities.

Submerge your feet in the cool flowing water while you admire the fast-moving water cascade down the many exposed limestone rocks. Cast your line in hopes of catching catfish, bass, sunfish, and carp.


Other Things To Explore Near the Pedernales River

Due to the rocks that interrupt the flow of the river, Pedernales River opens into a natural swimming hole that is perfect for a refreshing dip. To get to the swimming hole, you have to hike up a somewhat strenuous quarter-mile trail that takes you up a few steep rocks. However, the views and the crystal clear water will make your trip well worth it.

For a longer hike that is moderately challenging, tackle the six-mile Wolf Mountain Trail, which takes you along the Wolf Mountains and many small canyons. For a shorter and more scenic trail, take a hike on the .5-mile Twin Falls Nature Trail. Stop at the midway overlook site to sit and soak in the unparalleled views of the river and the rest of Hill Country.


Where To Stay in Texas Hill Country

If you want to experience two different fly fishing spots or expand your fishing day trip into a wellness weekend getaway, you are going to need a place to stay. At Collective Retreats, we don’t make you choose between immersing yourself in the outdoors and returning to a luxurious room filled with high-end amenities at the end of the day.


Summit Tent

The Summit Tent has everything you could ever want in a five-star outdoor resort experience and more. As you walk through the door, you will be greeted with either a king bed or two double beds made with plush duvets, 1500 thread count linens, and rich woven textiles. The decor and antique-inspired furniture reflect that classic rustic interior design found in Texas.

To relax after a long day of activities, take advantage of your en suite full flush toilet, rain shower, vanity setup, and spa-quality products.

Before you drift to sleep, set the heating or air conditioner to a comfortable temperature and plug your phone into your bedside socket before drifting off to an incredible night of rest.


Fish and Explore in Texas Hill Country

There are countless areas to explore in Texas for fly fishing; however, the most beautiful and concentrated set of options sits in the heart of Hill Country. Escaping the city for the weekend and visiting the hidden gems that exist right around you will give you the opportunity to take a breath of fresh air, relax, and give you a new appreciation for your home state.

To make your weekend truly restorative, rely on Collective Retreats for your resort experience and access to Hill Country activities, wellness offerings, and gourmet meals that will delight the senses.



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