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The Traveler’s Mark

We created Collective Retreats because we believe travel is about human connection, exploration, and incredible experiences. And from the dawn of travel—long before cell phones, Instagram, and email, Old World explorers communicated with each other through a visual system of messages that could be drawn on signposts or scratched onto trees. Our logo, a simple combination of lines, is inspired by the mark that designated shelter. We think it’s an appropriate way to connect the legacy of travelers past with the potential of travelers future.

In addition, each of our retreats has a style and personality all its own, which is why they have unique marks comprised of designs representing their geographical region and signature features. Our hope is that you visit all the Collective Retreats and have a chance to collect each of these special marks. 

The Collective Traveler

 You’re much more than a number to us.


As a seasoned traveler, you’re probably accustomed to earn-and-redeem loyalty programs with points or miles. But that doesn’t mean you like them. These traditional programs are outdated for many reasons: they handcuff you to a single brand, reduce your experience to opaque numbers—and who can remember all those usernames and passwords? 

At Collective Retreats, you’ll always be an individual person to us. One way that we want to acknowledge your personal preferences, needs, and quirks is by giving you the option of creating your own individual Traveler’s Mark. This unique symbol is a beautiful representation of some of the key qualities you identify with, and a way to welcome you into the Collective family. And, because each of Collective team members and your fellow guests will also have individual marks, we suspect these symbols might lead to some pretty enriching conversations. 

Once you create your mark, it will become a part of your Collective Retreats experience before, during, and after a stay at one of our retreats. And that’s just the beginning of our commitment to you and your individuality—you can look forward to one-on-one service, personalized recognition and rewards, and more. We can’t wait to have you in our world.