The Best Wineries & Wine Tours in Texas Hill Country

The Best Wineries & Wine Tours in Texas Hill Country

The Best Wineries & Wine Tours in Texas Hill Country

We are sure you are familiar with the best spots to sip a glass of wine near your hometown. Maybe it’s in the lively ambiance of your local tasting room, the cozy camaraderie of your friend’s deck, or the solo serenity of your own terrace.

Wherever your favorite hideaway may be, a luxury Texas wine tasting experience can help you discover an entirely new way to enjoy the Lone Star State. Sipping a wine flight of your favorite Rhone-style blends and varietals from Spain and Italy while listening to the peaceful noises of the countryside and admiring the views of Hill Country foliage is a must-do activity. You won’t want to miss a single sip.

It’s easy to let the days slip by without scheduling time to get on Highway 290 and explore Hill Country winery towns like Fredericksburg, Stonewall, or Johnson City. You deserve a break from city living, and the aesthetically gorgeous wineries are just one reason to take a little time for yourself. You won’t have trouble planning an entire weekend’s worth of activities here, including swimming, horseback riding, and wellness experiences.

Below, you’ll find our suggestions on the best wineries to visit, the best blends to try on-site, and how to make your entire getaway a retreat that provides unforgettable moments in immersive natural environments.


What Are the Best Texas Hill Country Wineries?

Just within the space between Austin and San Antonio sits a collection of 50 wineries, each with unique qualities and offers. No matter which winery you choose to visit in Texas’s sprawling wine region, each location is committed to supplying the highest quality wine and providing a top-of-the-line experience for their guests.

Because there are so many wineries to choose from, Hill Country offers a passport program every fall. After registering for a passport, you can enjoy discounts and special access to all 50+ wineries for the entire month. However, if you are just making a trip for a weekend, you may want to narrow down your options to just a few of the area’s most beautiful locales.


Becker Vineyards

Becker Vineyards has been featured on the Fine Living Channel, and their Reception Hall or Wine Cellars is a wonderful example of the luxury you can expect to be surrounded by upon your visit. Their most famous wines are their award-winning Bordeaux and Burgundian, which both can be enjoyed in a wine tasting or as a part of a wine tour.

You can also choose to sip on their extravagant wines while enjoying their options of casual fare like BBQ or fine dining. If you are visiting on a warm night, take your glass of wine out to their patio to admire the grand architecture of the building and enjoy the live music they routinely offer.


Driftwood Estate Wineries

While the Driftwood Estate does not offer wine tours, it does provide unparalleled views of Hill Country. Pick a bottle and your favorite wine pairing, and retreat to the outdoor space to sit amongst impressive oak trees as you watch the sunlight dance across the 18-acre vineyard. There is a wine for every taste here, so be sure to sign up for a wine tasting if you want to expand your palette or experience each of your favorites.


Farmhouse Vineyards

The Farmhouse Vineyards is a family-owned Texas wine country staple that boasts countryside charm and family-grown history. It is owned by a brother and sister, located on a multi-generational family farm. The duo manages 112 acres of crops that span four different vineyards. When visiting Farmhouse Vineyards, you are choosing wine produced by people who are dedicated to maintaining the charm and quality of Hill Country wine.

When visiting this High Plains winery, you can enjoy wine tastings in their picnic areas or on their patio before playing their lawn games that are scattered around the lovely property.


Spicewood Vineyards

Sitting right on top of 32 acres of vines, Spicewood Vineyards will provide a classic winery experience. They offer over 12 varieties of wine, including fan favorites like Albarino, Merlot, and Tempranillo. Because of the rows of vines’ picturesque backdrop, this is an extremely popular choice for events like weddings and private parties.

Spicewood Vineyards offer both winemaking tours and tastings by reservation, and it offers private tours for the true wine enthusiasts among us.


Texas Hills Vineyard

This namesake vineyard was one of the first wineries in operation in the Hill Country. Based on years of perfecting their wine and serving guests, your experience here is sure to be remarkable. Texas Hills Vineyard was the first to grow Pinot Grigio using Texas grapes, but it is best known for the renowned Cabernet Sauvignon.

Texas Hills Vineyard offers wine tastings so you can try a variety of options, with the option to sip on their patio overlooking 27 acres of grapevines. History is can be felt throughout this winery’s walls, given its impressive landscape and top-notch service.


Wimberley Valley Winery

Wimberley rests in the heart of Hill Country and offers the experiences, charm, and views that characterize the area.

The Wimberley Valley Winery first opened in 1983 and has been a favorite by tourists and locals alike. The winery offers both an indoor and outdoor space. After finishing a wine tasting, you can get a glass of your favorite wine and lay back under the shade of oak trees in their picnic area or cozy up by their fireplace indoors during the colder months.


Other Texas Wineries To Explore

If you still have more time during your food and wine tour of Texas, check out the following additional Texas wineries. Keep an eye out for outstanding Italian and Spanish varietals, and make sure to leave with at least one bottle of wine — maybe a rosé or a syrah — to pair with some charcuterie or give to a friend.

• Pedernales Cellars

• Duchman Family Winery

• Hye Meadow Winery

• William Chris Vineyards

• Fall Creek Vineyards

• Grape Creek Vineyards

• Bending Branch Winery

• Kuhlman Cellars

• Lost Draw Cellars


Where Should I Stay in Texas Hill Country?

After spending a day leisurely sipping award-winning wine and enjoying the stunning landscape, spend the night a truly unique retreat with high-end outdoor accommodations right in Wimberley.


Summit Tent

Our most popular option for Hill Country stays is our Summit Tent, a luxury retreat that allows you to benefit from all of the amenities of modern life in the beautiful natural center of our home state.

For the best night of sleep after a long day of sipping delicious wine, fall back on a king bed made with plush duvets, 1500-count linens, and rich, woven textiles that reflect the charm and classic look of Texas decor.

The Summit Tent features an en suite bathroom that is stocked with spa-quality products, plush bathrobes, and a wood-burning stove to keep your retreat comfortable and warm.

Our Family Suite and Honeymoon Suite additions allow you to have additional space for your children or a more private and romantic evening.


Other Hill Country Activities 

Once you realize the benefits of extending your winery day trip to a weekend-long exploration of Hill Country, you may be ready to enjoy one of the many other experiences Hill Country has on offer.


Horseback Riding

To experience Hill Country as your fellow Texans have for hundreds of years, try horseback riding. As a Collective Retreats guest, you simply have to book a time through our concierge for a two-hour horseback ride through the ranch.

There is no previous experience required, and you will be taken through a brief training and informational session, so you feel confident when you mount your horse. Since the tour is exclusive to Collective Retreats guests, it will be an intimate experience that gives you the opportunity to personalize your ride and immerse yourself in the scenery.



Another wonderful way to explore Hill Country is on foot. There are countless hikes in the area, but Collective Retreats makes the decision-making process easier since there are two trails right on the ranch.

The Canyon Ranch trail is a loop that will take you alongside East Canyon for most of the journey. The midway point of this trail is an extraordinary lookout point that overlooks Hill Country. The Wade Trail is a much shorter trail that walks along the center of the canyon, giving you a one-of-a-kind view down the canyon and beyond.

Grab a gourmet Collective Explorer’s Lunch to take with you on your adventure, or grab a bite before you head out with our Farm to Ranch Breakfast that reflects the best local provisions in the area.



If you are craving a restorative activity to add to your itinerary, be sure to sign up for our daily morning yoga sessions. Designed to strengthen your muscles while centering your mind and relaxing your body, yoga and pilates combine for a unique outdoor flow that’s accessible to all levels of practice.

The yoga sessions are held outside as you immerse yourself in the backdrop of beautiful rolling hills as you stretch. To top the experience off, our Chef will provide homemade green juice once you are finished for a feel-good start to your day.


Sip and Explore

It’s time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some time exploring the hidden gems that sit right around you. Less than an hour’s drive away, you can soak in the beauty of Texas Hill Country while sipping on your favorite wine before returning to a warm temporary home at Collective Retreats.



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