The Best Ideas for a Romantic Getaway in Texas Hill Country

The Best Ideas for a Romantic Getaway in Texas Hill Country

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It’s easy to get caught up in our busy schedules and forget to set aside quality time with our partners. This is especially true if you live in a bustling Texas city like Dallas or San Antonio. It’s important to set aside time for romantic moments together, and it’s even better if you can find the time for a romantic getaway.

However, once you find the time for a day trip or weekend away, the most important question presents itself: Where should you go? While there are countless hotels and rental spots across the country that boast intimate settings, the most romantic destination might be within driving distance from your home.

Texas Hill Country towns like Wimberley and New Braunfels are known for their breathtaking views, peaceful activities, and slow living. Below are some of our favorite romantic getaways in Hill Country.


Collective Retreats

One of the best ways to reconnect and relax with your partner is with a little bit of pampering on a weekend getaway at a Hill Country Resort. We recommend an immersive luxurious experience for any couple wanting to reconnect while immersed in the beautiful natural sights of Texas Hill Country.



Our sanctuaries are designed to give our visitors the benefits of an outdoor vacation alongside the luxurious amenities of a world-class resort.

Our Honeymoon Summit tent is equipped with every convenience you could need, wrapped in a romantic, intimate ambiance. It’s an incredible boutique glamping opportunity that no couple should miss.

After spending a day exploring Hill Country and spending quality time together, you can come back to your tent to rinse off using your rain-style shower in your en-suite bathroom before relaxing on the antique-inspired furnishings. Throw on a luxury robe and curl up on your 1,500 thread count sheets by the roaring wood stove fire for a quick nap before heading to dinner.

Spend your evenings having long, intimate conversations over a delicious meal. Whether you choose to partake in our Texas BBQ experience or to experience local flavors at nearby restaurants, a well-rounded, delicious meal will cap off your day right.

As the sun begins to set, bring a bottle of wine out to your private deck and watch the golden light illuminate the surrounding foliage next to the fire pit. The warm light will slowly fade into darkness as you and your partner let your conversation wander, cozy up under a blanket, and gaze at the stars.



Not only will a stay at Collective Retreats give you access to the romantic accommodation of your dreams, but you will also have the opportunity to experience wonderful on-site activities.

For a creative bonding activity, try the Collective Painting Experience. You and your partner will be provided with all the necessary materials and guided through a Hill Country-themed painting. Sip on a glass of wine while the two of you discuss paint colors before leaving with a new piece of art that will hang in your home and remind you both of your time together at the Hill Country ranch.

If you and your couple like to spend your quality time staying active, take advantage of the retreat’s sunrise yoga. Waking up your body to the sunrise and stunning views is a sure way to begin your day on the right foot. Place your mat next to your partner’s and begin the restorative practice together.

Those who want a taste of adventure in the great outdoors can explore the stunning natural scenery surrounding the ranch on horseback. Follow your expert guide for the best views of Texas Hill Country and share all the wonder with your partner.

To experience the beauty of the rolling hills on foot, take a short hike around the ranch. Truly submerge yourself in nature and spend some quality time with your partner away from the city lights and sounds.


Culinary Adventures

Start your day with a simple breakfast that includes fresh fruit, granola, and piping hot coffee and tea, whether you’re watching the sunrise from your private porch or heading out early.

When you need a break to refuel in the middle of the day, our Collective Explorer’s Lunch is the luxury version of a classic boxed lunch. You can take it with you on the trails or stay cozy in your tent, enjoying delicious eats.

The Texas BBQ Experience allows you to take your meal into your own hands by grilling your own food (and we take care of the setup and cleanup). Our locally sourced menus come with all the necessary ingredients and sides, and you can choose whether you want a vegetarian option or a more traditional Taste of Texas menu.


Winery Tours

Countless wineries call Texas Hill Country home. There’s nothing more romantic than spending time with your partner, picking out a bottle of wine, and enjoying it as you look out over the remarkable Hill Country views from charming towns like Dripping Springs and Fredericksburg.


Becker Vineyards — Fredericksburg

Becker Vineyards. These vineyards are known for their Bordeaux and Burgundian, which you can try during a wine tasting or on a tour of the winery.

Once you have picked your bottle, you and your partner can walk hand and hand out to their patio, which offers beautiful views of rolling hills and the grandiose architecture of the building.


Farmhouse Vineyards — Johnson City

A family-owned classic, these vineyards will give your romantic getaway a unique and charming element. You might even be able to meet the brother-sister duo that runs these vineyards, preserving a multi-generational tradition.

Offering a wonderful selection of wine, romantic picnic areas, and two-player lawn games, this date spot leaves little to be desired.


Texas Hills Vineyard — Johnson City

One of the first vineyards to open in Texas Hill Country, this namesake vineyard is well-loved by locals and tourists alike. They are best known for the taste of their Cabernet Sauvignon and their groundbreaking work in the wine-making industry, as they were the first to use Texas grapes to create Pinot Grigio.

You can choose to embark on a traditional wine-tasting or winery tour or grab a bottle yourself and find a romantic place to savor the wine. Their patio overlooks the 27 acres of grapevines and is a quiet and romantic spot to reconnect with your partner.


Concert in a Cave: The Best Romantic Getaway Surprise

Texas Hill Country’s state parks are also known for their network of caves. If you want to explore these dark, mysterious, and natural wonders, consider attending a concert in a cave with your beloved.

Just outside of Boerne, Cave Without a Name is one of the most beautiful caverns in Texas and hosts audiences of up to 200 people in the Throne Room. The one-of-a-kind acoustics and breathtaking backdrop will be the perfect environment for you and your loved one to share a memorable experience and appreciate the natural beauty of Texas.


Romance in the Lone Star State

Do your relationship a favor and carve out some time to walk hand-in-hand on beautiful hiking trails, sip on a glass of wine while listening to live music, and hold each other while gazing at the stars. All of this, and more, can be done during a romantic getaway in Texas Hill Country.

And if you are looking for the best way to feel immersed in nature while still having a comfortable and luxurious place to stay at night, be sure to book your getaway with Collective Retreats.


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