VIRGINIA THOMAS GRAY - Luxury Outdoor Hospitality


Vice President, Portfolio Growth

One of Virginia’s favorite authors says, “Follow your bliss, then return to the community and integrate it.” Originally from the Southeast, she’s been actively following her bliss around the world as a brand developer and business strategist in and out of the hospitality and lifestyle industries for a decade.Having recently celebrated several years as Design Hotels’ Director of Portfolio Development in the Americas, she’s excited to build on her knowledge and share her passion for meaningful, conscientious hospitality with Collective Retreats.Equal parts cowgirl and cosmopolite, it’s with great joy she joins Collective Retreats to expand the constellation of elegant nature-forward spaces.




She likes taking a walk in the morning to find coffee and get a sense of her surroundings, she then enjoys it while taking in the view or people watching. She always wants to “feel like a local”… but with excellent java!

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