REBECCA HASBROUCK - Luxury Outdoor Hospitality


Assistant General Manager, Collective Hill Country

Becca is excited to have found her niche in the travel, outdoor, and hospitality industry at Collective Retreats. Prior to transitioning into this industry full-time, Becca completed her formal education in Mental Health Counseling and worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor for several years (gaining skills that prove beneficial in any profession!).After relocating to Boulder, Colorado from the East Coast, Becca joined the travel start-up industry and co-founded a social travel start-up business and mobile app. She has had and enjoyed operational leadership roles in corporate hospitality firms, off-grid luxury ranches, adventure lodges, and a glamping resort. In her spare time, she enjoys climbing, hiking, teaching yoga, traveling, and is completing a degree in Digital Marketing.




Becca is an eternal researcher – whenever she goes somewhere, she researches all the sites she wants to see – the main sites and off-the-beaten path sites – and creates an itinerary for the trip on She also keeps the many informational materials from each place with a plan to create a scrapbook (which has yet to be started).

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