NIKO CLEMENTE - Luxury Outdoor Hospitality


Events Coordinator

After attending the Fashion Institute of Technology, Niko began working as a Wholesale Merchandiser with companies such as Target, Walmart & Amazon. Soon realizing that the typical desk job didn’t feel right, he returned to college in pursuit of something more. While studying for a degree in Geological Earth Sciences, his love for travel and exploration flourished on trips abroad to various continents including Europe, Central and South America, most notably to Argentina and Uruguay, where he lived, learning the culture and language. This is when he first felt his passion for professional hospitality & luxury experiences, visiting remote 5-star locations. After graduating, Niko stepped outside the box and into a Collective Retreats tent, where he found a unique style of outdoor hospitality. He has a never ending passion to curate truly unique and intriguing experiences people attending groups and events.



To learn a culture and location through extended travel, that allows me to cook using local ingredients and enjoy regional wines with new friends made.

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