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General Manager, Collective Hill Country

From a young age, Lindsey harbored a deep-seated love for hospitality. Her earliest memories were infused with the joy of going on family trips, where she eagerly embraced the role of host and relished in the art of making guests feel at home. This unwavering passion guided her academic pursuits, ultimately culminating in an undergraduate degree in Recreation Administration. With her degree in hand, Lindsey embarked on her professional journey, initially setting her sights on Denver. There, she ventured into the dynamic world of the wedding industry. It set the stage for her future endeavors in hospitality and her quest to cultivate extraordinary experiences and connections in this thriving field. Lindsey’s unwavering dedication to the world of hospitality led her on an unexpected journey back to the heart of Texas in 2020, where her dreams found their home amidst the serene landscapes of Dripping Springs. Nestled within the rustic charm of this picturesque locale, she embarked on an extraordinary chapter in her career as the Director of Operations at a cozy glamping company. As that chapter closed, Lindsey found her home in a small boutique hotel called Camp Lucy. She came aboard as one of the Lodging Managers for the hotel and immersed herself in the culture, the people, and the role. Lindsey’s journey in the world of hospitality was a testament to her unwavering dedication to creating a harmonious blend of comfort, warmth, and genuine human connections in the realm of travel and accommodation. All that to say she has now found her place at Collective Hill Country and is so excited and eager to learn, adapt, and grow alongside a company of people who share her passions and enthusiasm about hospitality and people.

Travel Ritual:
1. The search for the coziest and locally owned coffee shops is on!
2. I will never miss the chance to stop by a locally-owned bookshop and grab at least one book by a local author.
3. Last but certainly not least, seeking out local farmers markets. There is something so sweet about getting locally grown flowers, fresh produce, and yummy treats!

Lindsey Castillo | General Manager, Collective Hill Country
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