JULIE ANDREE - Luxury Outdoor Hospitality


Manager - Digital and Social Marketing and Media

Julie grew up in a small town in central Pennsylvania. She developed a passion for travel and the outdoors at an early age as her family took countless road trips across the US—camping the entire way (they even drove to Alaska)! She began her career as a social media and digital marketer in New York City.  She spent several years working with a restaurant and hospitality group before moving to an agency that worked solely with healthy lifestyle and conscious brands. She then entered the world of luxury food and beverage at illycaffè, a global coffee brand with a focus on sustainability. She now lives just outside of Denver, Colorado, with her husband and two young girls. Throughout her career, Julie has learned how powerful it can be to form a community of unique individuals, and how social media and the digital world (when used in a positive way) can connect us in truly meaningful ways. She’s excited to join the Collective Retreats team and continue to explore her passion for building relationships, connecting people, and telling the story of the Collective experience.




Enjoying a cup of coffee and the view at Three Peaks Lodge at Collective Vail.




When I travel, I try to get up early to see at least one sunrise. Whether it’s watching the waves glisten as the sun rises over the ocean, or watching as the sun peeks through a mountain range, I can’t help but be filled with the excitement of what the day might bring.

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