HANNAH BAUERSCHMIDT - Luxury Outdoor Hospitality


Designer, Creative and Experience

When Hannah was eight, her family built their family home and it was then when she fell in love with design. It was in watching nothing turn into something beautiful that hooked her. From that moment on, her journey to becoming a designer began to unfold moving her from the North to the South, South to West, West to East, East to West and even across the ocean to Southern Europe.Her moves and endless travels helped her realize that design eventually, if done correctly, turns into peoples core memories. That these environments will one day lend themselves to become the backdrop to some of the most cherished moments of the lives of the people who inhabit them.She stands firmly in the belief that as a designer you hold the power to create communities that inspire connectivity to people and their environment, create inclusivity and aid in the wellbeing of those who use the space. She got her kick start in design and developing these spaces through the construction of large multi-family buildings where she helped design the interiors of the places people would call home. Her goal was to create spaces that not only welcomed in residents with beautiful, functional design but spaces that aided in the wellbeing of those that lived there and the environment in which they were built.As her journey continues to unfold it was only fitting that through the very tips of her toes that she has travelled upon, it led her to Collective Retreats where her love of beautiful design and crafting environments that spark connection to people and place are able to be combined.




Hannah always seeks out a local coffee shop, orders a black coffee (or espresso), sits a while to take in the local atmosphere and then ventures out to wander the streets with no destination in mind.

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