Experience Manager-Collective Governors Island

Raised between Chicago and San Diego, Haley’s love for travel and the outdoors began at a young age. Growing up by two large bodies of water cultivated her ongoing fascination and love for the sea. Surfing, hiking, and exploring unfamiliar territories have always been some of her greatest passions. Graduating from the University of Kansas with a degree in English creative writing and dance, Haley has always formed connections with people and spaces through creative prose. Wanting more than the traditional office job, she set off to New York City to join the Collective Retreats Governors Island team as a Front Office Coordinator. As a devoted, long-time guest of Collective turned team member, she is now utilizing her unique perspective and love of human interaction to connect others through nature.




She loves how food connects people, so she always likes to ask where the best local spots are for food specific to that region. If she is in a foreign country she likes to learn a few slang words in their language that are used regularly. It’s a fun way to connect with people and an invaluable souvenir.


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