Assistant General Manager, Collective Vail

A city boy at heart with a country spirit. Chris’ love for people, places, and travel culminate for his hospitality growth and passion. As a college student, Chris worked for a large NYC-public hospital by facilitating the patient experience, and assisted a local Assemblyman by learning how public policy and advocacy affect local constituencies. Thereafter, Chris began his post-collegiate journey by working for many departments of a large Manhattan hotel and learned how each role contributes to the whole operation. Through a wide lens, Chris pieced together many social aspects and honed his soft skills to power his drive for hospitality and foster memorable guest experiences. Now, eye on the prize for Collective Retreats and building this great experiential empire.




I stand in amazement as I watch airplanes fly over Governors Island and the Statue of Liberty at sunset before landing at one of New York’s airports.




One of my favorite rituals is riding the public transportation of a new city. As a native New Yorker, it is habitual to ride publicly and I immerse myself in this very nostalgic, yet foreign, experience. Each city’s ride is different from the other, but just as memorable.

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