Becky Wilcox - Luxury Outdoor Hospitality

Becky Wilcox

Reservations and Concierge Associate

During her career, Becky has worked in just about every aspect of hospitality – from art centers to hotels, a travel agency to a summer tour guide in Alaska. Becky loves travel of all kinds but favors the good ol’ American road trip. She became an early member of Sisters on the Fly, a group of freewheeling women of all ages who buy, restore, and redecorate vintage trailers. She travels around the country to meet up with her “tribe” to fish, cook outdoors, drink wine, and tell tall tales around the campfire.




I love to get off the interstates and take the backroads through farmland and small towns searching for the coolest and weirdest roadside attractions.




A playlist to match the mood of the trip.

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