Jacob's Well Wimberley, TX: Hill Country's Best Swimming Hole

Jacob’s Well Wimberley, TX: Hill Country’s Best Swimming Hole

Jacob's Well Wimberley, TX: Hill Country's Best Swimming Hole

Plunging your body in fresh, clear water after an afternoon of hiking or exploring is the ultimate natural luxury. Although it’s easy to limit your world to the activities offered by city life, central Texas has so much open landscape to explore. While it may seem like you never can find the time to pencil in a weekend getaway, we promise that a trip to see the natural wonders in Wimberley is well worth the effort.

Wimberley sits in the heart of Texas Hill Country, offering many immersive activities to enjoy. Although it seems heavenly to spend your weekends poolside, swimming in a natural swimming hole will give you a new appreciation for the peaceful scenery Texas has to offer.

If you are interested in an outdoor vacation but don’t want to sacrifice a comfortable bed, working bathrooms, and a parking lot for your car, we have the perfect outdoor retreat experience for your excursion.


More About Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill Country is one of the premier spots in the country for peaceful activities that encourage you to explore the beautiful landscapes around you. While there are many spots within Hill Country to choose from, Wimberley is sure to give you a quintessential Hill Country experience.


Jacob’s Well Natural Area

Jacob’s Well is a wonderful swimming hole that exists within the larger Jacob’s Well Natural Area in Blue Hole Regional Park. It serves as the headwaters of Cypress Creek and springs from the Trinity Aquifer, an artesian spring that is surrounded by a massive underwater cave system.

If you’re interested in cave diving for the first time, visit Jacob’s Well and stop by the caves while you’re there.


The History of Jacob’s Well

This well was created by a flowing spring — the aforementioned Trinity Aquifer — just north of Wimberley. After eroding a two-mile-thick layer of limestone, our favorite swimming hole was born. Partially due to erosion, Jacob’s Well is thought to have the longest underwater cave in Texas.

Following developments around the rivers that travel through the well, the spring has stopped flowing a few times in recorded history. However, the city of Wimberley and local conservationists are passionately dedicated to maintaining the water quality, making it a safe and lovely place to take a dip.


Swimming at Jacob’s Well

The Well is open for swimming every day of the swim season from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Because of its popularity, swimming reservations are required before visiting to maintain a safe and enjoyable swimming environment. The swimming hole itself is located at 1699 Mt. Sharp Road.

Surrounding the well are limestone rocks of varying heights and sizes. These rocks are often used as a launching pad for swimmers, who jump from three to 10 feet into the water. Due to the water source and shade provided, the water stays at a comfortable 68 degrees all year round.

Scuba diving is unfortunately not permitted to explore the cave due to unsafe conditions, so spelunking is off the table for the foreseeable future. However, observing the cave from above is still a fascinating and impressive way to connect more deeply with the wonders of Texas around us.


Jacob’s Well Natural Area Nature Center

If you find yourself craving more information about the area and want to see some of its best features up close, visit the Jacob’s Well Natural Area Nature Center.

Designed to educate guests and preserve unique features of the area, you can browse marine plants and animal fossils that were found in the well, browse educational displays, enjoy free lectures, and take advantage of the center’s resources to sign up for a guided tour.


Trails at Jacob’s Well

Before cooling off in the water, consider taking a hike on one of the area’s many trails. The six most popular nearby hikes include the Jacob’s Well Trail, Warbler Woodlands Trail, Gray Fox Trail, Dry Creek Trail, Live Oak Loop, and North Trail.

If you only have time for a few hikes during your stay, we recommend the North Trail and the Gray Fox Trail. The North Trail is a one-mile loop suitable for any hiker that will lead you to Wimberley Valley Vista, a beautiful viewpoint overlooking Wimberley Valley, Old Baldy, and Little Sister Twin Peaks.

Gray Fox Trail is a .13-mile loop that leads you to Cypress Creek Overlook, with its unmatched views of Jacob’s Well and Cypress Creek. Since the hike is relatively short, you can bring a gourmet packed lunch and admire the sun bouncing off the rushing water.



Wimberley Zipline Adventures offers a thrilling experience for anyone age seven and up located just 10 minutes from Jacob’s Well Natural Area. Zipline novices are welcome, as the company will provide you with the proper gear and a training session before you embark on your ziplining tour.

Prepare to soar through the sky on 10 different zip lines that range from 20 to 100 feet tall, giving you an unparalleled view of the natural beauty in Hill Country.


Where To Stay Near Jacob’s Well

After spending a day in the sun, swimming, hiking, and zip lining, getting in the car to drive an hour home may sound exhausting. Collective Retreats offers a luxurious outdoor retreat experience to immerse yourself in relaxation after your day full of exploring.


Summit Tent

Our most popular accommodation option is the Summit Tent. No matter what time of year you visit, you can depend on a temperature-controlled space with a wood-burning stove for the colder months. For ultimate comfort and restful nights, fall back on our king beds, topped with 1500-count linens and rich woven textiles.

One of the best parts of getting away from the city is seeing the night sky without the light pollution. At Collective Retreats, you can snuggle up with a cup of tea on the lounge chairs that come with your own personal deck outside of your door.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about giving up the modern comforts of hot showers or flush toilets, since each tent is equipped with an en-suite bathroom stocked with spa-quality toiletries.


Summit Tent — Family Suite

If you don’t want your kids to miss out on the fun at the swimming hole, they will also have a home at the Collective Retreats Ranch. The Summit Tent — Family suite comes with all of the Summit Tent’s features and amenities alongside access to an additional smaller tent. The additional tent holds two single beds, creating the perfect space for the kids to unwind.


Other Activities in Hill Country

After spending a day exploring Jacob’s Well Natural Area and getting a restful night’s sleep at the Collective Ranch, you will feel refreshed and ready for another day full of Hill Country activities. As a Collective Retreats guest, you will have access to a variety of intimate and exciting activities.


Horseback Riding

Admire the landscape like a true Texan and take a horseback ride through the state’s beautiful natural scenery. After booking a time with our concierge, a local expert will take you on a two-hour tour of our gorgeous ranch. You will be provided with all the necessary gear and knowledge you need to hit the trails with confidence.


Wellness Activities

To make your remote retreat truly restorative, be sure to take part in our wellness activities. Let the fresh air fill your lungs as you are guided through breathing exercises during our sound meditations. A professional will produce sounds from singing bowls as you lay back and put your mind at ease.

For something more physical, strengthen your muscles while admiring the rolling hills during our morning yoga flow. Held outside, our yoga sessions are designed to make you feel stronger, calmer, and more immersed in the Hill Country beauty.


Swim and Explore Hill Country

It’s time to start taking advantage of the wonders that exist right around you. Just under an hour’s drive away from Austin and San Antonio is a natural, crystal clear swimming hole, which sits next to a zip line course, which all sits next to the luxurious Collective Retreats Hill Country Ranch.

Pack your favorite swimsuit, hiking clothes, and picnic supplies, and enjoy the outdoor getaway of your dreams in your own backyard.



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