How To Make the Perfect S'mores at Your Campfire

How To Make the Perfect S’mores at Your Campfire

Since Girl Scouts published the first s’mores recipe in 1927, this classic treat has become overwhelmingly popular nationwide. Nearly a century later, enjoying a palm-sized sandwich made of a delightful square of rich chocolate and a thick, fluffy marshmallow between two golden honey graham crackers remains an unforgettable childhood memory to many.

After a long day of hiking, horseback riding, sound meditation, and exploring the other experiences at our Hill Country retreat, there’s no doubt you have worked up an appetite. What better way to wind down than ending the night with s’mores around a cozy campfire and a stunning view?

Whether you’re a veteran or a complete novice at toasting flawless s’mores, there are a few key techniques to ensure you roast a delicious, bite-sized dessert.


Get Comfortable

The journey to a perfect s’more starts before you even spark the fire.

We all need a moment to catch our breath and reconnect with ourselves after an eventful day. Change into comfortable clothes, switch to a light jacket, or grab a blanket once you return to your luxurious accommodations.

Quickly wash your face in the sink to liven up. Rehydrate with a sip of water or other refreshments provided in-room to check in with your body. Even when you’re sitting around the warmth of a campfire, it’s important to keep layers on hand.


Take Your Time

Once the fire is ablaze, let yourself get lost in the moment. Don’t stick your marshmallow straight into the roaring inferno lest it burns right off and cuts the ritual short. Rushing the process only results in an unsatisfactory s’more.

Let the blaze sit. Enjoy the crisp evening air. Take in the fresh, earthy fragrance of the world around you. Notice how it gradually mixes with the warmth and smokiness of the brilliant newborn fire.

Listen to the crackling of the campfire, the sudden pops and static as the wood burns. Hear the slight whispers of the leaves or the creaking of branches in the gentle breeze. Catch the distinct calls of any local wildlife. Reflect on the kind of melody you hear from these musicians of nature.

Look out towards how the sky cradles the earth beneath. Does the landscape take on a new quality now compared to the day? Observe differences in color, shape, and mood. Glance up to the sky and count the number of twinkling stars.


Let the Fire Settle

Sit back, relax, and consider what marshmallow texture and flavor you’d like. The crispy skin of a burnt marshmallow is akin to the torched caramel of a crème brûlée. If you prefer the charred sugary outer layer that delicately peels off to reveal heavenly gooey insides, allow the fire to subside to low flames.

If you want a golden brown crust with a buttery bite minus the taste of burnt sugar, wait for the vigorous burning to die into glowing red embers resembling molten lava. You’re now ready to roast.

Get a long, sturdy stick that isn’t too thin and frail. Create a pointed end if there isn’t one to secure your marshmallow. Place your marshmallow on the stick, and give it a few light shakes to check that it doesn’t slip. Wooden sticks will warm your marshmallow more slowly than metal ones because they conduct less heat.

With the stick and fixings prepared for you thanks to our complimentary s’mores kit, there’s more time to chat by the fireside.

Immerse yourself in the present and peacefully bask in the surrounding warmth. Seize the chance to connect with the life encompassing you and spot what you could have missed while moving around all day. The hillside shrouded in darkness may make you realize how breathtakingly vast nature is compared to humans, making the mesquite and oak trees around your accommodation feel like friendly neighbors.


Roast To Your Liking

Even though the flames have died down, injuries can happen without the proper safety precautions. Before toasting your marshmallow, keep an eye on the fire’s intensity and mind your distance.

Hold your marshmallow a few inches above the fire and rotate for around five minutes to get all the sides evenly toasted. Watch as the surface transforms from snow white to a glorious golden brown. Patience is the key to achieving the perfectly gooey marshmallow.

If you prefer some char, stick your marshmallow directly into the flames, but don’t leave it there. The scalding heat will melt your marshmallow off the stick if you aren’t careful. Immediately remove the sugary treat and gently blow out the flames once you have the desired amount of charcoal.

If the marshmallow accidentally bursts into flames at any point, don’t panic and frantically wave your stick to put it out. Remain calm and blow it out.

No matter how you like your marshmallow, take the time to experiment with the natural reactions occurring. Vary your distance from the fire like a game. Observe how it toasts closer to the flames compared to further away. Try holding your stick at different positions and see if you can discern which is most effective.


Enjoy Your Company

If you are joined by other Collective Retreats guests as you roast your perfect marshmallow, you can also use this opportunity to tell one another short stories.

Horror is a popular genre around the campfire. The darkness encircles the group, and the flickering flames cast distorted, dynamic shadows across each other’s faces, creating an eerie atmosphere guaranteed to spook any listener.

You can also opt to share funny stories. The campfire’s sustained warmth and gentle glow can instead encourage a space to bond and a sense of intimacy between gatherers as chuckles echo into the night.


The Art of S’Mores

Once satisfied with your roasted confectionery, it’s finally time to assemble the s’more. If you like hearing the sharp snap when you bite into a firm chocolate bar, let your marshmallow cool down before constructing your treat to retain that crunch.

If you enjoy a softened, slightly melted chocolate square, put together your cookie sandwich immediately and let the residual heat from the fire-roasted marshmallow warm it up for a few seconds. You’ll avoid a burst of hot marshmallow goo burning your mouth. Plus, you heat your chocolate without having to do any extra work.

We all expect s’mores to be slightly messy, but know what kind of chocolate you have to prevent it from running down to your arms before you can take your first bite. Chocolates like dark chocolate will melt faster if it has a high amount of cocoa butter. Be mindful not to wait too long before eating.

Pair your dessert with other ingredients to go beyond the classic s’more and discover new flavors. Test different combinations by adding tart fruit, salted nuts, and more. Swap out any of the traditional ingredients — such as graham crackers for cookies — for a twist. The endless options only stop with your imagination.


Indulge in Your Hard Work

Now that you have your perfect s’more, enjoy it with good company. Although the treat is associated with campfires and is delicious in its own right, what truly gives warmth to the s’mores experience is the people joining you.

The graham cracker crumbs, chocolate smears, and marshmallow residue stuck to your lips will surely crack some smiles. Despite the chocolate and marshmallow covering your fingers, the shared happiness makes the stickiness irrelevant.

Savoring a sweet snack with a loved one under the Texan night sky and identifying different constellations between deep, lengthy conversations and hearty laughs leave some of the most unforgettable impressions. The land acts as the audience to all of these sounds. Marvel at how the diverse environment around your accommodation tenderly swaddles this small moment of delight.

S’mores are a quintessential, simple treat for the outdoors that everyone can make according to their preferences. The unfiltered joy and youthful wonder of creating a s’more and innovative variations for the first time are still possible as an adult.

If you’re feeling adventurous and wish to elevate your culinary experience, join us for our nightly Collective S’mores ritual for a unique customization of the confection. Enhance the sentimentality to another level and leave with an upgraded and tasty memory.



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