Horseback Riding in Vail, Colorado

Horseback Riding in Vail, Colorado

Horseback Riding in Vail, Colorado

Colorado is home to some of the most impressive views in the country. Bordering the mountain regions, Colorado gives us the opportunity to explore the depths of caves and the tallest mountaintops in the continental U.S.

It’s easy to let the outdoor gems of our state frame our homes without taking time to explore. However, once you partake in an outdoor experience that is unique to Colorado, you may wonder what took you so long.

Exploring Colorado’s marvels by foot and by car both offer unique views, but nothing compares to exploring Colorado by horse. You’ll never forget the experience of admiring the stunning mountainsides above you as you meander through the valleys below.


Vail 101

As any true Coloradan knows, Vail is a charming small community that boasts impressive outdoor activities in addition to a large collection of small businesses and restaurants. The architecture of the town looks like it belongs in a fairytale book, adding to its ski town feeling.

Vail is most famously known for its many impressive ski resorts. There are slopes on both sides of Vail Mountain, with the Back Bowls having the most claim to fame.

Maybe you visited the town to experience the quaint shops that sit in the strip between the ski resorts and the interstate, or maybe you have gone on a few skiing trips but haven’t explored anything else in the area.

Regardless, Vail has so much more to offer than shops and skiing, and you won’t regret planning a trip to experience these hidden treasures.


Where Should I Go Horseback Riding in Vail?

There are plenty of options for horseback riding adventures in Vail, and you cannot go wrong with any of the town’s equestrian offerings. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite stables to help you plan your excursion with ease.


Vail Stables

The Vail Stables are designed to cater to any rider of any skill level. When booking a tour through these stables, you can choose between 1.5-hour, two-hour, or half-day tours, depending on your interests and comfort levels. Roughly 90% of their guests are first-time riders, so you do not need to worry about having prior experience riding a horse.

The 1.5-hour experience is ideal for the whole family and will take you through a lush, green Aspen forest that will leave you speechless. The two-hour experience is for riders seven years of age and older, and it takes you through Aspen trees, Lodgepole pines, thick foliage, and patches of wildflowers. After an hour uphill, you will get to soak in the views of two lookout points before descending for the end of the ride.

Lastly, the half-day experience is for serious riders. You will climb 10,000 feet in elevation as you pass through meadows, LodgePole pine trees, Aspen glades, creeks, and lush undergrowth. After stopping midway through to sip from a fresh, cold spring, you will continue back home.


Sage Outdoor Adventures

Sage Outdoor Adventures is another popular option that offers both one- and two-hour excursions. The one-hour ride is available for anyone over the age of seven, making it a fun family activity.

What’s most unique about the Sage Outdoor Adventure horseback rides is that they rarely follow the trail, giving each riding group a singular experience. However, you won’t have to worry about your horse straying from the group because you will be led by a local expert who knows the terrain exceptionally well.

On both the two-hour and one-hour ride, you will be taken through fields of sage and juniper, across forested areas populated with Aspen and Pine Groves, and to viewpoints looking over Castle Peak Mountain and Vail Valley.

The two-hour ride takes you up to higher levels of elevation, making the views more expansive and slightly more physically demanding for the thrill seekers among us.


Collective Retreats

The Collective Retreats Vail Experience sits on a 1,000-acre stretch of land where you can explore the high desert landscape and the Rocky Mountains through an immersive retreat that gives you access to all the adventure and charm Colorado has to offer.

As a Collective Retreats guest, you can easily book a horseback riding trip with our concierge for yourself and any children age seven or older. Choose between a one- or two-hour horseback ride led by a local expert who will give you a comprehensive tour of the area, taking you to extraordinary viewpoints overlooking the Sawatch Range, Castle Peak, and Red and White Mountain. Additionally, you will be taken through safety rules and guided through an informative demonstration before your ride begins so you feel comfortable and ready to start your excursion.


Accommodations in Vail

After spending an afternoon taking in the remarkable views on horseback, you may want to extend your stay and explore more of the area’s other natural highlights. Collective Retreats offers pristine accommodations with luxurious amenities and high-quality wellness offerings.


Summit Tent

Our premier accommodation, the Summit Tent, comes with everything you could wish for in a five-star hotel in a remote and peaceful natural setting. This luxurious retreat is complete with a king-sized bed, 1500-count linens, and electricity to charge your devices or unwind at night with your favorite show.

The tent is spacious, with enough room for the sleeping area, a lounge area with a desk and credenza, and a full en-suite bathroom that is stocked with spa-quality toiletries.

The highlight of this option, however, is the private deck that exists right outside the door. Lean back on the lounge chairs as you gaze at the stars while smelling the remnants of the nightly campfire, or bring your coffee out on the deck in the early hours as you watch the morning light bouncing off the mountainside.


Journey Tent

Our Journey Tent incorporates the spirit of community while still providing high-quality luxury features. Including a queen bed or double twin beds, this option is designed to fit two adults. Returning to this tent at night, you will find bedside sockets, high-count sheets, and two lounge chairs right outside for you to rest your feet and recap your marvelous day celebrating the natural wonders of your state.

The Journey Tent comes with access to private communal rain showers and full-flush toilets, as well as deluxe bath amenities, all just steps away from your tent.


Other Activities in Vail

While your know Vail is a wonderful spot for skiing, shopping, and horseback riding, you might be wondering what else you can experience during your stay.


Fly Fishing 

The expansive water system in Vail makes it a nationwide hotspot for fly fishing. In fact, there are over 90,000 miles of rivers in Colorado, giving fly fishers plenty of terrains to choose from and plenty of fish to catch. No matter your experience level with fly fishing, you are more than welcome to join our Collective Retreats fly fishing experience.

After booking a session with our concierge, a local expert will give you the information and gear you need as they guide you through the motions and rules of fly fishing. After crossing fly fishing off your Colorado bucket list, you can return to your comfortable accommodations, making the entire experience enjoyable and comfortable.



Part of the general Colorado experience is hiking: There are countless trails scattered across the state, and it’s one of the best ways to view the gorgeous Colorado scenery up close.

When staying on the Collective Retreats ranch, you will have access to a Wellness Trail that is designed to center your mind and calm your body.


Adventure Awaits!

Living in Colorado means that beauty and wonder exist all around you; you just have to make the time to go and experience it. With Collective Retreats, we offer a fully immersive outdoor vacation that includes horseback riding, fly fishing, hiking, and more, while keeping up with the lifestyle and accommodations you need to fully enjoy your luxury retreat.

The best vacations are the ones in which you try something new, encounter something beautiful, and feel comfortable and pampered. We can promise you our Vail retreat checks those boxes and more.



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