Community Nights

Collective Governors Island is Committed to Offering its Unique Outdoor Experience to All New Yorkers.


Eligible for all New York residents, ages 21 and older, who register by providing their name and email in the sign up form below. If you previously signed up and have received emails on the Community Nights program, you are already registered.


For each community night date listed below, half of our guest rooms will be offered in partnership with a local charity and Governors Island Trust. The remaining rooms will be made available to local residents at a rate of $75 per night plus our standard retreat fee of $50.


Rooms will go on sale on the dates listed above prior to each date at approximately 9am EST. If you are registered on the community nights email list, you will receive a reminder email each month about the dates you can book a community night


The community nights for 2022 are:


Tuesday, May 17th (bookings can be made on May 2nd)

Wednesday, July 13th (bookings can be made on June 13th)

Wednesday, August 17th (bookings can be made on July 18th)

Tuesday, September 6th (bookings can be made on August 5th)

Tuesday, October 4th (bookings can be made on September 6th)



Terms and Conditions


There is no cost to sign up for the drawing and you are not obligated or required to book if you are selected.  Each resident may only book one (1) Community night per year.  A $50 retreat fee applies to every booking and includes complimentary Continental breakfast for 2 people, complimentary S’mores, free WIFI, and morning wellness classes.

Register for the 2022 Community Nights Program