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The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Glamping in New York

The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Glamping in New York

New York State is a haven for camping and hiking. Thanks to the beauty of upstate spots like Ithaca and the Finger Lakes, many flock to New York for outdoor activities.

While it’s not as scenic as upstate New York, the city that never sleeps is consistently full of potential for experiences and activities. New York City has a little something for everyone — upscale wineries and restaurants, shopping galore, and more — but some believe it lacks the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature or have an outdoor living experience.

However, Governor’s Island, a small island in the harbor between Manhattan and Brooklyn, offers a peaceful glamping site. Combining luxurious accommodations and the peace of camping, this style of accommodation is a wonderful choice for those wanting to combine comfort and adventure.

When you head from NYC to Governor’s Island for your glamping getaway, there are plenty of perks to consider. Essentially, you can have a camping experience that rivals the Catskill Mountains or Adirondacks in upstate New York right in your own backyard.

However, glamping isn’t the only way to experience the natural wonders New York City has to offer. After we explain your glamping options in the Big Apple, we’ll introduce you to a new way to rest and recharge at the end of the night in luxury.


What Is Glamping?

If you are the type of traveler who prefers comfortable accommodations to pitching your own tent, you have probably heard of glamping. Short for glam camping, this accommodation is a solution for those who want the comforts of home in their outdoor adventures, such as a nice bed, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, or a hot tub.

Sometimes, the lack of comfortable amenities can take away from the desire to explore the natural wonders around you, so having an upscale place to rest at night can ensure you feel rested and recharged.

Glamping accommodations are usually upscale cabins with running water and electricity located in parks, forested areas, or near campsites. However, some glamping dwellings are even more elevated, ranging from treehouses and tiny houses to full-sized cabins with top-quality features.

These types of accommodations are a far cry from the typical tent or yurt. They’re more suitable for those who want their camping experience to include perks like hardwood floors and a fully-stocked kitchenette.


Beyond the Best Glamping Experience

While glamping is a wonderful option for those wanting a more comfortable way to camp, Collective Retreats offers an elevated retreat that goes beyond a glamping experience.

A more personal and curated getaway, Collective Retreats combines the comfortable accommodations of a five-star hotel with curated adventures, wellness activities, and culinary experiences that enhance your ability to connect with the natural world around you.


Culinary Experiences at Collective Governors Island

The first major difference that separates Collective Retreats from a glamping trip is our culinary offerings. While glamping, you are responsible for stocking your cabin pantry and cooking your own meals. While eating firepit meals and easy-to-cook dinners can work for a few nights, it’s an inferior option if you are used to gourmet meals.

Collective Retreats ensures that each meal you eat is prepared by an on-retreat chef. Additionally, the meals and snacks provided are delicious, representative of the local cuisine, and created from fresh local produce. With farm-to-table breakfast offerings and gourmet dinner options like charcoal grill BBQs, you will feel nourished and satisfied every time you sit at the picnic table.


Wellness Offerings

One of the best ways to connect with nature, relax your body and mind, and immerse yourself in the beauty of the local scenery is through wellness activities. When glamping, you are in charge of your daily itineraries and have to create your own experiences. This can feel a little overwhelming and limits you from being guided by wellness experts.

Collective Retreats knows how important it is to disconnect from your day-to-day life and give yourself the space to take a deep breath and slow down. The wellness offerings that are available at each Collective Retreats location are focused on embracing the peacefulness of the outdoors and providing a space for ultimate relaxation.

Wellness offerings range from morning yoga to hiking trails and beyond.


Location-Specific Activities for Campers

Once again, filling your itinerary while camping can be difficult when you aren’t familiar with the area. It’s easy to look up the nearest hike or national park, but without any guidance, you will probably miss out on local wonders and experiences.

Collective Retreats believes that an outdoor getaway should make you feel connected to the unique features of the area you are staying in without asking you to sacrifice your comfort.

No matter where you are visiting, there are hidden gems that will enhance your trip — you just have to find them. While scouring travel blogs and planning logistics can be difficult, Collective Retreats takes all the work out of finding these gems. During your stay on any Collective Retreats property, you will have access to a variety of activities that highlight the charm and culture of the area that surrounds you.


Indoor/Outdoor Luxury Accommodations

Collective Retreats offers the perfect accommodation solution to immerse you in nature while still providing a luxurious place to lay your head.

Our most popular accommodation option is the Summit Luxury Tent, which offers an elevated indoor/outdoor living experience. Rest in your king-sized bed, dressed with high-quality bedding and high thread-count linens, rinse off in a rain-style hot shower, and use a fully functioning toilet in your en suite private bathroom.

To feel immersed in nature and connected to the space around you, you can start your mornings and end your nights by relaxing on your private deck located at the entrance to your accommodation. Watching the warm light from the sunrise illuminate the foliage and gaze at the stars in the clear night sky.


Go Glamping in New York City: The Ultimate Weekend Getaway

If you are interested in a New York City trip but want the chance to experience outdoor adventures, book your stay with Collective Retreats on Governor’s Island.


Take the Ferry to Manhattan

Governor’s Island is a small oasis conveniently located between Manhattan and Brooklyn. To access this island, you have to take the ferry from Manhattan. The Governor’s Island direct route runs from Battery Maritime Building in lower Manhattan to Soissons Landing on Governor’s Island in just fifteen minutes.

While you might not want to book your stay in the hustle and bustle of the city, having access to the ferry gives you the chance to experience any New York City attractions and return to your comfortable and peaceful accommodation at night.

Spend your afternoon visiting one of the world-famous museums or exploring the city’s biggest park, and take the ferry back to Governor’s Island in time for a relaxing campfire and peaceful night’s rest.


Bike Riding

Governor’s Island is only accessible by ferry, which will be immediately obvious as you relax in the serenity of a car-free environment. The roads that stretch through this island are perfect for a relaxing and picturesque bike ride.

Collective Retreats offers cruiser, surrey, and go-kart rentals that you can use for a self-guided tour of the island. The circumference of Governor’s Island is only two and a half miles long, so you can easily tackle the entire route in one afternoon.

As you take a leisurely ride around the island, prepare yourself for unparalleled views. As you ride up the west side, admire the views of the bay and the Statue of Liberty. As you turn the corner onto the northern side, be sure to take in the unique views of the Manhattan skyline. Lastly, as you ride down the eastern side, you can get a beautiful view of Cobble Hill and Caroll Gardens.



While there are spas scattered throughout Manhattan, visiting a spa at a Governor’s Island glamping spot gives you the added benefit of relaxing in the peaceful outdoor space. As a Collective Retreats guest, you will have preferred access and 10% off day passes to the next-door spa, QC NY. This new immersive European-style spa is surrounded by lush gardens and outdoor infinity pools that have special views of the skyline.

There are countless options to choose from when booking a session at the spa, including saunas, steam rooms, massages, facials, and water therapies that are designed to soothe the soul and give your entire body a refresh.


Great Lawn and Sunset Terrace

While the green space in Manhattan is limited, Collective Retreats is centered around a Great Lawn, which provides guests the space to take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the empty space. Looking out over the bay and the skyline, spending time on the lawn gives you the views of city life and the comforts of a vacation outdoors. Additionally, there are plenty of lawn games on the Great Lawn, which provide a fun activity for a laidback afternoon.

After a relaxing afternoon, freshen up in your Summit Tent, and enjoy a pre-dinner beverage on the Sunset Terrace. Positioned for superb sunset views over the water, the sunset terrace is the perfect place to bond with your travel partner and enjoy the serene ambiance of the island.


Wellness Activities

Lastly, what makes Collective Retreats an elevated glamping experience, you can take part in wellness activities that will enhance your stay and your health. Start your day off with sunrise yoga, which occurs on the Collective Retreats property every morning at 8 am. These sessions are designed to strengthen your muscles and center your mind while providing you with gorgeous views.


Glamping and Beyond

For your next vacation, book a New York City trip with the added benefits of outdoor experiences and high-end accommodations. The only way to achieve this glamorous, peaceful, and relaxing trip is by booking with Collective Retreats at our Governor’s Island location.


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