6 Girls’ Trip Ideas: Where To Go & What To Do

6 Girls’ Trip Ideas: Where To Go & What To Do

Carving out time to reconnect with your friends is crucial. Still, as we get older, schedules get busier, and it can be harder to see each other as often as we would like.

The best way to spend quality time with your closest friends is by scheduling a girls’ trip. This uninterrupted period away can help you reconnect and re-prioritize these important relationships in a relaxing, restorative setting.

The options for your next girls’ trip are virtually endless, ranging from Denver, Colorado, to New Orleans, Louisiana, and everywhere in between. If you aren’t sure where to embark first, we have put together a list of our favorite girls’ trip destinations below, each with its own unique qualities and attractions.


Vail, Colorado: A Nature-Inspired Girlfriend Getaway

While several of the above suggestions focus on the attractions and sights of big cities, your group might be craving a trip focused more on outdoor activities. If you want to experience some of the best outdoor adventures that Colorado has to offer, Vail will be the perfect girls’ trip destination for your group.


Accommodations in Vail

Combining indoor and outdoor living to provide guests with a peaceful and luxurious stay, Collective Retreats offers top-of-the-line accommodations in Vail.

Our most popular accommodation option, the Summit Tent, has every amenity and comfort you could need. You’ll have the chance to get ready for the day by rinsing off under a rain-style shower and testing out the included spa-quality toiletries in your private bathroom. Then, you can take your morning coffee out to your private deck and meet with your girlfriends to talk about the day’s plans.

At the end of the day, you can fall back on a king-sized bed and bury yourself under high-quality bedding.


Activities in Vail

While staying with Collective Retreats, your group will have access to a variety of exciting outdoor experiences.

First, head out on a horseback ride led by an expert guide that will show you the many sights of 4 Eagle Ranch. In the distance, you’ll be able to gaze upon the wonders of the Rockies, including Castle Peak, White Mountain, and the Sawatch Range.

Then, enjoy a picnic lunch that’s been curated by our chefs, and continue to enjoy the beauty of the property. If you’re looking for an active afternoon activity, you can mountain bike along several miles of trail across ridge lines, taking in the peaks in the background and the lovely flora and fauna surrounding you.


San Diego, CA: Paradise With Your Best Friends

For a dose of sunshine and delicious food, take your group on a day trip to San Diego, California. Like California’s other most popular cities, San Francisco and Los Angeles, San Diego offers a mixture of laid-back natural beauty, metropolitan luxuries, and outdoor adventures. If you are visiting during the warmer months, the first item on your itinerary must be a day on the beach.

While there are a few spots to choose from, Pacific Beach will be your favorite if you want a lively beach experience. This beach’s soft sand stretches for miles, so you won’t have a problem finding a spot to camp out with beach chairs and umbrellas.

Lining the beach, you’ll find several incredible breakfast spots and one-of-a-kind boutiques. Additionally, there’s no need to leave once the sun sets; instead, hop between the beachy dance clubs and dive bars that surround the beach for a memorable night out.

For a taste of San Diego’s city life, take a walking tour of the Gaslamp Quarter, a California location worth checking off your bucket list. This area is close to the harbor and nautical museums, which will keep you busy and entertained during the day, and is full of gourmet restaurants and cool rooftop bars, which will keep you and your bestie busy at night.


Nashville, TN: A Classic Bachelorette Party Destination 

The thriving nightlife and charm of Nashville have made it an incredibly popular destination for girls’ trips of all kinds.

If you and your friends are interested in the arts, spend an afternoon wandering the Frist Art Museum. This vintage post office has been transformed into a world-class art museum in downtown Nashville.

Additionally, if your girls’ trip lands on the first Saturday of the month, make it a priority to partake in the First Saturday Art Crawl. Galleries and mural installations across downtown Nashville will open their doors free of charge and offer free food and drink.

If you are having trouble choosing what part of Nashville to go to for sightseeing, book a ride with the Nashville Old Town Trolley Tour. The trolley will cover a twelve-mile loop and give you a chance to hop off at fourteen different stops around the city.

For a classic Nashville night out, party your way through Honky Tonk Highway, also known as Broadway Street. You can have your choice of over 28 honkytonks, which feature live music every day of the year. Some venues are small and intimate, while some have multiple floors and stages, but they each feature wildly talented artists and a lively crowd.

If you and your girls previously had a blast in Las Vegas or Miami, Nashville will be both familiar and refreshingly different. With some of the best restaurants and boutique hotels in the country, “Nashvegas” is a rejuvenating place to stay that also provides you with a taste of some real nightlife.


Sonoma, CA: A Laid-Back Stop in Wine Country for Your Next Girls’ Trip

Nothing is better suited to a girls’ trip than spending your days sipping wine, sharing stories, and admiring picturesque views.

The most obvious reason to visit Sonoma is to take advantage of its plentiful, gorgeous wineries. The unique opportunity to enjoy a combination of luxurious brunch and wine tasting makes this destination worth the road trip. It’s a Cali foodie and wine enthusiast’s dream destination for a girls’ weekend getaway.

While you can’t go wrong with picking a wine-sipping destination here, one of our favorites is the Ledson Winery & Vineyards. Walking up to this establishment will feel like nothing less than entering a castle, and the surrounding twenty acres of vineyards will make for a picturesque background for a group photo.

If you want to bring a souvenir home or buy a new accessory for your next few days at the vineyard, go shopping in Santa Rosa. Here you will find several blocks of boutique shops that have something for everyone’s tastes. Once you are finished shopping, rest and refuel with a high tea at the Tudor Rose English Tea Room.


Key West, FL: Ocean Views and White Sand

If you are looking for sun and fun in the water, then Key West is an ideal girls’ trip locale. This sunny Florida hotspot is known for its beautiful water, beach clubs, and exciting water activities.

If you arrive in Key West during the day, start your trip by joining the Sunset Celebration in Mallory Square. Starting an hour or two before the sun sets, this celebration is filled with food carts, street performers, and a lively crowd, all amongst the background of unparalleled sunset views.

One of the most popular water activities for groups in Key West is snorkeling, offering clear water views that rival those you’d find in Mexico or Hawaii. There are plenty of businesses that offer half- and full-day snorkeling tours for you to choose from. On a half-day excursion, you can expect to see remarkable coral gardens and colorful sea life. You can also enjoy kayaking or paddle boarding on the gorgeous gulf coast.

For a taste of high-quality seafood, book a lunch reservation at Skippers Dockside and a dinner reservation at Ballyhoo’s Historic Seafood Grille.


Savannah, GA: Small-Town Charm in a Big City

For Southern charm, interesting history, and beautiful sights, book your tickets to Savannah, Georgia.

Start your getaway by taking a long stroll through Forsyth Park. This will be a perfect introduction to Savannah, as you have the chance to walk through thirty acres full of ancient oak trees draped in gauzy Spanish Moss. It’s like a stop in a miniature national park. Local musicians often station themselves here to add a beautiful ambiance to your walk through this classic Savannah landmark.

If some of your friends love to learn about the history of the cities they visit, they will love a tour of the many historic homes in the city. These former private residents have been renovated to be historically accurate to the time period in which they were built. As you step into these beautiful and incredibly detailed architectural wonders, you won’t be able to help but marvel at the extravagance.

To get a taste of everything the city has to offer, spend an entire evening walking down the Savannah Riverfront. This bustling hub is filled with trendy restaurants, charming boutiques, interesting galleries, and more.

Visit as many businesses as you can to get a tasting of local cuisine, sip on a beer on a brewery rooftop, or buy a Savannah souvenir.


The Best Girls’ Trip Ideas for Every Group

There is no better way to spend time with your friends than with a girls’ trip. Traveling and trying new experiences together is one of the best ways to bond and reconnect, and you will all leave the vacation feeling closer, with memories to last a lifetime.



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