ly Fishing in Vail, Colorado

Fly Fishing in Vail, Colorado

A man is fly fishing in the river at our luxury camping retreat in Vail, Colorado.

As a warm breeze glides on the water, the Rocky Mountain landscape glows in the distant sun. Still delighting in the smell of the morning campfire on your jacket, you cast your line into the rushing river.

For those of us who live near or visit beautiful Vail, Colorado, it’s always a delight to experience our state’s tiny luxuries, like the expansive stars overhead and the fish swimming just beneath the water’s surface.

Unpressured water, immersive scenery, and a high density of healthy fish make Vail the perfect fly fishing environment for newcomers and expert anglers alike. Hundreds of tourists travel across the country to take advantage of our pristine fly fishing environment, but Colorado natives can experience this natural luxury whenever inspiration strikes.

Collective Retreats was designed to introduce us to new ways to enjoy the outdoor adventures in our own backyards while never sacrificing comfort or luxury. No matter the time of year, Colorado is waiting for you to cast your line — and the best fly fishing in Colorado is waiting for you in Vail.


What Are the Best Locations to Fly Fish in Vail?

Arguably the most alluring aspect of fly fishing is the location, immersing yourself in the nature at your feet as you take in the breathtaking view. Combining relaxation and stimulation, we fly fish to unwind while remaining engaged, challenged, and connected to the world around us.

Of Vail’s many breathtaking waterways, the best locations for fly fishing are undoubtedly Gore Creek or Eagle River.

Running through Vail’s center, Gore Creek has many entrance points for fishing, including Vail’s Nature Center, Ford Park, Antler’s Lodge, and Vail’s Grand Hyatt. This creek runs from just west of Vail proper to Eagle River itself, providing plenty of opportunities to escape the crowds and spend some solitary moments in this high desert oasis.

For an even more remote experience, Eagle River provides just as many beautiful and bountiful spots for fishing with fewer crowds still. Popular spots amongst fishing enthusiasts include River National, Wolcott to Eagle, and the stretch of water from Edwards to Wolcott — but who knows? Perhaps you’ll uncover a hidden gem along your journey.

Although not all lakes provide the proper conditions to fly fish, Nottingham Lake is a manmade lake in Vail that is filled with trout. This lake is surrounded by lush greenery, and you can fish while wading in the water or standing along the rocks on the shore, providing another option for the wildlife explorers among us.


Where Should I Stay in Vail?

While fly fishing provides a unique opportunity to engage with nature in our own backyards, it may conjure images of pre-packaged meals, sleeping in tents, and struggling to find gear. Collective Retreats provides all of the delights of nature alongside the amenities of an upscale retreat.

Immerse yourself in nature just a 20-minute drive from the hustle and bustle of Vail itself, balancing authentic Colorado ruggedness with the luxuriant benefits of a five-star resort experience.




After a long day standing in the water, you’ll be ready to take a long shower, put your feet up, and unwind in a comforting deluxe space.

The accommodations offered by Collective Retreats are situated on 1,000 acres at 4 Eagle Ranch. After you partake in Vail’s beloved outdoor activities, gaze at the clear night skies in one of our luxury accommodations:

  • The Summit Tent is considered our retreat’s premier travel experience. Refined meets rustic as you enjoy high thread-count sheets on a romantic king bed, fine robes, spa-quality toiletries, and a variety of snacks and beverages to enjoy between gourmet meals.

This adventurous luxury escape includes a private en suite bathroom with a shower, flush toilet, and hot running water to rinse off the day’s adventure and prepare for a night of relaxation. Step onto your private deck to take in the mountain views just steps away from your king bed, your evening tea in hand.

  • The Journey Tent’s rustic design reflects Colorado’s history, while its many luxurious amenities echo the many advantages of living in the present day. Thoughtfully integrated into the valley’s gorgeous landscape, our journey tents are placed near one another for a spirited communal setting.

Like our Summit Tent, you’ll enjoy high thread-count sheets, plush towels, and spa-quality toiletries. Each morning, wake from your queen bed, open your tent, and take in the stunning views of Colorado’s landscape.


Fly Fishing Experiences

When you book a Collective Retreat retreat in Vail, we’ll plan everything you need to spend the day on the water, from a guide to help you perfect your fly fishing technique to gear provided by our fly fishing partners. A concierge will do all of the planning for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

As a unique outdoor resort experience, our experiential offerings don’t end with fly fishing. Take an exhilarating mountain bike ride through Eagle Ranch and Vail, try your hand at horseback riding, or take a hike along Vail’s beautiful and peaceful trails.

At the end of the afternoon, return for our Sage Social Hour at Three Peaks Lodge for a relaxing selection of locally procured beers and wines and craft cocktails delightfully served in mason jars.


Culinary Adventures

In addition to our thoughtful accommodations and experiences, Collective Retreats offers a gourmet culinary program designed to help immerse you in the retreat’s energetic valley setting. The retreat’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner options have been thoughtfully curated to reflect the landscape in which you’re staying, with open-flame cooking and al fresco dining.

Our Farm to Ranch breakfast reflects the best local provisions, from a complimentary Breakfast Basket with freshly baked goods to made-to-order signature dishes served at Three Peaks Lodge. Lunch is also served at Three Peaks Lodge by reservation only, providing a spread of sandwiches and salads that can also be packed to take on the go for a delightful mid-day picnic.

For dinner, you can choose to explore a curated basket that includes all the ingredients needed for a locally sourced, delicious BBQ and use the grill stations provided, or you can experience a chef-driven tasting menu at Three Peaks Lodge at outdoor tables under the expansive Colorado sky.

Perfect for special celebrations or romantic moments, this five-course experience is a locally-sourced, seasonal adventure and a must-try for anyone who enjoys the finer things in life.


Embrace an Entirely New Adventure

No matter how often you fly fish, a relaxing and innovative outdoor adventure awaits you amid the beauty of Colorado’s beautiful rivers and streams. Collective Retreats provides a luxury outdoor experience with the amenities of a five-star hotel and the energetic spirit of the wild West so that you can rediscover the activities and spaces you love most.

If you’re ready to discover a new way to experience everything Colorado has to offer, book your Vail experience today.



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