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How To See the Fall Foliage Change in Texas This Year

How To See the Fall Foliage Change in Texas This Year

Texas has plenty to offer its residents, from the eclectic art of Austin to springtime’s blossoming blankets of bluebonnets. With so many natural wonders hiding just underneath our noses, there’s no reason to miss the beautiful fall colors that accompany the first cool breeze of the season.

If you live too far south in the state to see the fall foliage in your own backyard, all you need to do is travel a little ways north to see these autumnal gifts come alive. Spending time in the Lone Star State’s rolling hills is a peaceful way to prioritize your self-care and immerse yourself in nature.


What Are the Best Places To See Fall Foliage in Texas? 

Nature’s greatest beauties are well-hidden, and you may stumble upon your favorite leaf-peeping spot as you travel from one corner of this gorgeous state to another. Still, it may help to have a destination in mind.

This list is not comprehensive, but these are a few of our favorite spots to experience Texas’s changing leaves.



Travel just 10 minutes north of Concan, and you’ll discover Garner State Park. During the summertime, visitors often enjoy swimming or tubing down the Frio River or participating in a nightly jukebox dance (a tradition that has been kept alive since the 1940s).

In the fall, the park’s main attraction is its changing leaves, which provide a gorgeous backdrop for whatever your day has to offer. The park is filled with cypress, oaks, and other trees that glow with fiery colors as the temperatures cool. If you are looking for the best spot to sit back and enjoy the view, we recommend the Old Entrance Road Overlook or up the Old Baldy Trail.



Located two hours away from Dallas is Daingerfield, home to Daingerfield State Park. There is a seemingly endless supply of activities at this park, making it another incredibly popular choice among Texans and tourists alike. During the summer months, you can find visitors boating, fishing, and geocaching, but the surrounding surplus of trees makes autumn the best season to see what Daingerfield has to offer.

Daingerfield’s primary draw is its “Cathedral of the Trees,” a collection of oak, maple, and sweetgum trees that tower over its central lake. These trees burst into vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red in fall, with some of the best viewpoints being the Scenic View Point of Interest and the Rustling Leaves Trail. Grab a thermos of warm apple cider, and get ready to enjoy a calm afternoon lakeside.



Between Dallas and the Louisiana border sits Tyler State Park. This park features a 64-acre spring-fed lake, which means many visitors come annually to spend a day on the beach, swim, or go boating. However, another impressive feature of this park is its hundreds of 100-foot tall trees that range from 75 to 100 years old.

For an experience that combines views of the lake with a stunning vantage of these impressive trees, be sure to hike along the easy Lakeshore Trail. Here, you’ll discover plenty of places to enjoy the autumnal hues of the leaves reflecting atop the crystal-clear water.


Wimberley Valley

If you live in the southern half of Texas and aren’t interested in driving more than 50 to 60 miles, Wimberley Valley has fall foliage that is well worth the journey. Since Wimberley Valley is located in Texas Hill Country, there are countless trees that cover the entire area.

Especially in late October and November, these shining fall colors will help you usher in the new season in style. Wimberley Valley offers such a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life that it’s no surprise that plenty of visitors prefer to turn their day trip into an extended stay.


Immersing Yourself in Nature

At Collective Retreats, you don’t have to choose between exploration and comfort. We offer luxurious accommodations that you can retreat to after a day of taking in all the fall foliage that Hill Country has to offer.

Each of our retreat options provides inspired amenities as you immerse yourself in nature, so you can tailor your excursion to fit your needs.


Summit Tent

The Summit Tent is built for two adults and was designed to incorporate thick woven textiles and antique-inspired furnishings that reflect local cultural elements. It comes with a wood-burning stove and electric blanket, an en-suite bathroom, and a private deck with lounge chairs for an optimal view of the sunrises and sunsets.

Lastly, you’ll enjoy a restful night’s sleep atop our king bed, dressed with 1,500 thread-count linens, a down duvet, and Pendleton blankets.


Summit Tent: Family Suite

If you and your partner want your children to experience the unique beauty of the Texas Hill Country, our Family Suite is an addition to the classic Summit Tent, ideal for guests traveling with the whole family.

Just a few steps away from your summit tent, the Family Suite includes two single beds adorned with matching textiles and furnishings for a cohesive extended living area. The two tents sit on the same platform and are a wonderful option for families with children who might need their own space after a long day but want the ability to easily reconnect after a restful night’s sleep.


Summit Tent: Honeymoon Suite

The Honeymoon Suite is perfect for couples who want a little more outdoor space to connect. Your room includes all of the features and amenities of the classic Summit Tent with an additional deck overlooking the hills and cliffs, creating a truly romantic setting at sunrise and sunset.


What Are the Best Ways To Explore Texas?

Whether you’re an adventurous traveler or a visitor who prefers a relaxing jaunt, there are so many ways to take in the stunning countryside in our own backyards.



Hiking in Texas Hill Country is an extremely popular but incredibly expansive pastime. There are many different trails to choose from, and choosing just a few might seem overwhelming throughout your stay. Through the Collective Retreats experience, you will have the opportunity to book a hike with our concierge, leaving the logistics to our expert team.

Discover viewpoints into different areas of the East Canyon throughout the Collective Retreats ranch, or book a guided sunset or sunrise hike to see how the light transforms Texas’s gorgeous fall hues.



Connect with the energy of the natural world around you and engage with your yoga practice in a brand new way through outdoor classes in the Hill Country. Our sunrise yoga is an incredible experience focused on building muscle, centering the mind, and enjoying the scenery around you.

Take a deep breath in mountain pose as you feel the cool fall breeze on your back and look out over the expansive stretch of vibrant fall colors. Any yoga accessories you need will be provided for you, and afterward, you can enjoy a complimentary green juice made by the retreat’s culinary team.


Horseback Riding

No matter how long you have lived in Texas, it’s easy to let the local experiences go untouched. While there may not be many opportunities to go horseback riding in your day-to-day life, it’s definitely a must-do activity if you are in the Lone Star State.

This wonderful way to explore the fall foliage helps you travel longer and farther than if you were on foot, and it provides a more immersive experience than if you were traveling by car. At Collective Retreats, a local expert will give you the materials you need for a guided two-hour tour through the ranch, including a delicious snack and non-alcoholic beverage for your journey.


Time To Admire the Colors of Fall

If you love living in a city, it can be difficult to pull yourself away from the demands of metropolitan living. You might wonder what the remote landscapes of Texas really have to offer until you venture to see these wonders for yourself.

Traveling just a short distance to experience the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country and admire the change in foliage will soothe your soul and help you unwind in luxury. Collective Retreats has everything you need for a relaxing vacation filled with new experiences, gourmet meals, and lasting memories.



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