White Desert




Patrick and Robyn Woodhead


Welcome back to the wilderness

Almost two decades ago, founders and polar explorers Patrick and Robyn dreamed of guiding people on a personal journey to the last true wilderness. A place that’s so rarely visited by humans other than the most adventurous of explorers. The most remote location on earth—Antarctica. Each year, they bring just 250 guests from their home in Cape Town to experience this breathtaking setting. With rare access to the interior of Antarctica and the support of their extraordinary guides, you will encounter a pristine glacial landscape. Here, icebergs tower like carved cathedrals, wildlife thrives in the harshest of conditions, and glistening ice sheets stretch to the skyline. The end of the world is unimaginably beautiful.




Inspired by the seminal age of space exploration, Echo is as close as you can get to feeling like you’re off the planet. Futuristic and luxurious, the six bedrooms are created from composite material with floor-to-ceiling windows allowing guests to soak in the moon-like landscape.

Activities around camp include iconic climbing, mountaineering expeditions, skidoo tour, ice climbing, skiing, abseiling, Nunatak tour, and fatbiking.

With a stay at Echo, you can also venture to see 28,000 emperor penguins before heading to the South Pole—the southernmost point on earth.


White Desert’s flagship camp features six heated ‘polar pods’ with cutting-edge exteriors and old-world interiors that conjure up images of Antarctica’s rich heritage of exploration. Savor gourmet meals, enjoy a sauna with a view of the glacier, and sip cocktails by the fire.

Activities around camp include ice tunnels, Nunatak climbing, ice climbing, rock climbing, ice caves, rope walk, polar talks, and an adventurer’s picnic.

With a stay at Whichaway, you can also venture to see 28,000 emperor penguins before heading to the South Pole—the southernmost point on earth.



Day Trip to Wolf’s Fang

This is your chance to experience the real interior of Antarctica in a single day. You’ll travel from Cape Town to Wolf’s Fang Runway where you’ll spend three hours on ice, taking a gentle hike to a nearby nunatak. After hiking to the top of a rugged peak, you’ll celebrate by sipping a cocktail with 10,000-year-old glacial ice, a freshly prepared picnic, and views unlike anywhere else on earth. Afterwards, you’ll board your return flight to Cape Town.

Antarctic Summit

On this five-six day adventure, White Desert offers you the opportunity to climb in the heart of Antarctica. On this excursion, you’ll traverse to the base of the Holtedahl Mountains and walk across a glacier alongside expert mountain guides. This exclusive adventure will allow beginners and experienced hikers to take advantage of the 24-hour sunlight and summit a peak.

Stay at White Desert’s expedition eco-camp, Wolf’s Fang, which offers laid back yet sophisticated interiors and features six heated bedroom tents with en-suite washrooms. The relaxed lounge area is a haven of comfort and warmth, no matter what the conditions are outside. Adrenalin seekers will enjoy a variety of activities including abseiling, ice climbing, and rope walks. There’s something for everyone—you can be as active or relaxed as you wish.