White Desert Whichaway




Patrick and Robyn Woodhead


Pioneering luxury in Antarctica.

Located on the shores of one of the freshwater lakes of the ice-free Schirmacher Oasis sits White Desert’s flagship camp—Whichaway.

Complete with six heated ‘polar pods’ with cutting-edge exteriors and old-world interiors, you’re invited to sit back and relax in the communal lounge, the library, and the dining area that offer breathtaking views. The sleeping pods are cozy and spacious, with rich textures and soft furnishings. Each pod has its own washroom and toilets with three separate shower rooms. Savor gourmet meals prepared by a private chef, enjoy a sauna with views of the glacier, sip fireside cocktails, and cross off bucket list adventures like visiting the South Pole, ice climbing, and coming face-to-face with 28,000 Emperor Penguins.



Ice Tunnels: A photographer’s dream. Explore a maze of surreal ice tunnels that have been sculpted by seasonal meltwater.

Mighty Abseil: Experience an exhilarating descent from the summit of a 100 meter-high cliff.

Ice Climbing: Learn this exciting sport using crampons and ice axes, allowing you to scale seemingly impossible walls of ice.

Nunatak Climb: With the help of expert guides, scale a blue-ice glacier and reach the easy summit of “Nunatak” mountain for spectacular views.



EARLY EMPERORS: White Desert curates multi-day adventures from your stay at Whichaway. Make the most of your time in Antarctica and spend time up close with the Emperor Penguin colony on this 5-6 day journey.

SOUTH POLE & EMPERORS: This 7-8 day trip combines the magnificent Emperor Penguins with a flight to the southernmost point on earth—the Geographic South Pole.




Types of accommodations:

Heated Sleeping Pods



Dining Room

Champagne picnic



Fine dining: breakfasts, elegant lunches, and three-course dinners (local south african produce)

Flight by ski-plane (airfield and air transport)

Package trips

Massage and Polar sauna