Meredith, CO


Abby Stern, Reuben Sadowsky, and James Gorman


“Beyul are not places to escape the world, but places to go more deeply into the world.” —Dalai Lama

The literal translation of the Tibetan word “Beyul” is “Hidden Landscapes,” capturing the essence of both real places and a state of mind where the physical and spiritual worlds unite. The founders of the Beyul Retreat outside of Aspen, Colorado have felt for decades that the valleys high in the rocky mountains are also Beyul-like sanctuaries. Abby Stern and Reuben Sadowsky decided these hidden lands were not just to be found, but to be created and built in the lush, remote wilderness of the frying pan river valley.

At Beyul, exploring the wilderness and embarking on journeys into the unknown isn’t just a leisurely pursuit but a profound odyssey that unveils the beauty of our existence, broadens perspectives and nurtures the soul.

The mission at Beyul is to steward a true mountain refuge, inviting guests and groups into an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary. At Beyul, there is a harmonious union between the land, accommodations, and programming, guiding all who visit through a journey of deep rest, inquiry, activation, celebration, joy, and compassion.

Over time, their hope is for Beyul Retreat to become a beacon at the heart of a new blue zone of longevity and health, where groups come together to find inspiration and new ideas aimed at creating a better world.

Experience the parts of yourself that come alive when you slow down. Beyul Retreat offers a vibrant variety of programming options for groups and individuals, such as:

Beyul Way classes including yoga, breath work, sauna sessions, meditation, and guided nature and herbal tours.

The serene surroundings allow for quiet zones in the cozy cabins, riverside hang spots, and forest alcoves.

The main lodge, “Barn-Tent” and Beyul Onsen, are excellent collision zones where you can exchange ideas and camaraderie with the Beyul staff or other guests.

The Beyul Great Room has an ever-growing library and a selection of board and card games for you to enjoy at any hour.

Beyul Retreat has incredible access to any mountain adventure sport and great relationships with all the local guides and outfitters who can ensure you find the best spots and have extreme fun safely.


Number of guest rooms: 13 cabins (each sleep different quantities with the largest sleeping 12)
6 Lodge Rooms

Hot Tub
Cold Plunge
Pull-out couch
Wood-burning stove
Pots and pans
Coffee maker
Dining area
Living room

Activities: Fly fishing, sauna, yoga, sculpture trail, hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, paddle boarding, road and gravel biking, snowshoeing, skiing, snowmobiling, and guided adventures

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