The Traveller's Guide to Blue Hole Regional Park in Wimberly, TX - Luxury Outdoor Hospitality

The Traveller’s Guide to Blue Hole Regional Park in Wimberly, TX

The Traveller's Guide to Blue Hole Regional Park in Wimberly, TX

There are countless ways to unwind and relax after a busy work week, but how often do you get the chance to take a road trip outside of your city for a countryside adventure focused on rest and relaxation?

Even though you might live in the great state of Texas, it’s easy to forget about the natural beauty and hidden gems that exist all around us. That’s why we’re here to remind you of some of the most beautiful places within an hour’s drive away from you that are well worth the trip.

If you are someone who enjoys swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking, Wimberley will provide you with an opportunity to experience the outdoors in luxury.


Wimberley 101

Even if you live within driving distance of Wimberley, Texas, you might not understand the allure. However, once you make an effort to experience Texas Hill Country, you may wonder why you stayed away for so long.

Wimberley is a popular destination for people looking to explore the rolling hills and beautiful foliage that Texas Hill Country has to offer. It’s considered a ranching area, meaning there’s no shortage of expansive stretches of green space.

There are also countless hidden gems across and around this town, each offering a unique outdoor experience.


Blue Hole Regional Park 

For a sufficient mix of play, exploration, and relaxation, add the Blue Hole Regional Park to your Wimberley itinerary.



This forested area is one of the most popular parks in Hill Country. You will be greeted with hundreds of cypress trees that remain a lush green throughout the summer and turn ablaze with red, orange, and yellow colors in the fall.

The park spans over 125 acres, meaning you won’t have trouble finding viewpoints to admire Texas’s natural beauty.



This park’s main attraction is undoubtedly the natural, spring-fed swimming hole hidden in the center of a group of cypress trees. Remarkably, the stunning, crystal-clear water remains 75 degrees year-round due to the shaded environment that the trees provide. The swimming season lasts from March to September, and reservations are required before visiting.

Above the swimming hole, you’ll find rope swings hanging from the sturdy branches of the trees, giving you the chance to add some adventure and adrenaline to your day. Additionally, the park makes an effort to maintain the waterside lawns, giving you a place to rest, eat, and sunbathe.



The Wood-Grinstead Amphitheater hosts a variety of shows every year, with plenty of green space in the back to turn a night at the theater into dinner and a show. Meanwhile, the Recreation Pavilion and Picnic Area has picnic tables and provides a wide space for many groups to enjoy lounging under the trees simultaneously.

The Johnson Family Field and Great Lawn are both wonderful, spacious options, and the Berman Wildflower Meadows offers a picturesque picnic backdrop.


Hiking and Other Activities

There are over 4.5 miles of trails throughout the park, ranging in difficulty so that there’s truly something for everyone.

Each trail leads to a different viewpoint, offering stunning sights of the water hole, greenery, and the rest of Hill Country. If you are new to hiking, or just want a leisurely stroll through a wooded area, try out the 1.6-mile Blue Hole Park Trail Loop.

If you enjoy athletics, take advantage of the park’s basketball courts and volleyball court. They are free to use and are first-come, first-serve, so be sure to plan accordingly.

If you are traveling with your kids and they are finished swimming, be sure to bring them to the Blue Hole Children’s Play Area for a fun end to your day out in nature.


What Else Wimberley Has To Offer

The excitement of Wimberley extends beyond the swimming hole and surrounding park. In fact, there is so much charm in Wimberley waiting to be explored. Collective Retreats has curated options for activities that are focused on experiencing the outdoors in luxury


Horseback Riding 

If you want to explore the outdoors like a true Texan, it’s time to get on horseback. As a guest of Collective Retreats, you can sign up for a two-hour tour of the ranch led by a local expert. No previous experience is required, and you will be supplied with all of the equipment you need.

If you are making the trip to experience all that Hill Country has to offer, you can’t let this classic Texas experience pass you by.


Branding Crafts

Branding is a centuries-old practice that ranchers use to mark their livestock. It’s done by using an extremely hot metal plate that burns a certain shape into whatever it touches. If you live in Texas, we can almost guarantee you have seen some examples of branding in your local decor.

As a fun and unique way to incorporate more of local Texas culture into your own home, we offer a Bubby and Branding event for you to try your hand at this Texan crafting staple. As you sip on a glass of prosecco and mingle with the other Collective Retreat guests, you will use a branding tool to customize a personal cutting board that goes home with you at the end of the event.


Wellness Exercises

If you want to truly take advantage of the remote landscape that Hill Country has to offer, we recommend partaking in exercises that are designed to center your mind and relax your body.

If you enjoy a 20-minute meditation in your bedroom before work, you will love the 60-minute Sound Meditation we offer at the retreat. You will be lulled into a peaceful state as a guide produces calming noises from sound bowls. Relax on the fuzzy blanket, pillow, and yoga mat that are provided for you as you breathe in the fresh air and breathe out any stressors.

On a similar note, we offer yoga sessions every morning that are located outside, overlooking Hill Country. Admire the wonderful views during a full body flow designed to strengthen your muscles and calm your body.


Where To Stay Near Blue Hole Regional Park

Collective Retreats has created an outdoor resort experience in Wimberly that includes luxury amenities so that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for adventure.


Summit Tent

Our most popular option for accommodations is our Summit Tent. Our retreat is designed to mimic the luxuries of a five-star resort with lush beds, woven textiles, and 1500-count linens.

Enjoy the comforts of home with your en-suite bathroom stocked with spa-quality products. Located outside of the tent is a private deck with lounge chairs for daily sunrise and sunset viewing. If you are visiting during the chillier months, a wood-burning stove and electric blankets are there to keep you warm.

We also offer a Summit Tent — Family Suite that comes with an additional, smaller tent located just steps away. This tent has two single beds perfect for kids so that family time and alone time can coexist in harmony.

If you are a newly wedded couple, consider booking out Summit Tent -—Honeymoon Suite. Including all of the features and amenities of the regular Summit Tent, this option has much more space so couples can celebrate their time together in comfort.


Time To Swim and Relax 

Less than an hour away from your home, you can enjoy swimming in crystal-clear waters, relax under the shade of magnificent trees, experience sound meditation, and ride a horse like a true Texan. Collective Retreats offers you the ability to experience remote areas of Texas while providing you with a plush king bed to fall back on at the end of the day.



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