The 8 Best Team Outing Ideas They’ll Never Forget

The 8 Best Team Outing Ideas They’ll Never Forget

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Team building is a crucial part of any company’s work culture in the professional world. Including strengthening bonds between team members, taking inventory of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, and cultivating a positive growth-oriented environment, there are countless benefits of putting effort into team building.

If your corporate team only speaks to each other during meetings or gives greetings as they pass by, they lack understanding of one another. They are bound to overcome challenges with great difficulty when it’s time to cooperate on a project.

Team building activities can include coordinating a team outing. It sets your team up for success by removing the formalities and other barriers that might be in place while sitting in the office, allowing genuine connections to develop organically. If you have a remote team that often sees each other’s faces through Zoom, an outing is a perfect way to meet in person.

Organizing a team outing can be overwhelming, especially if trying to narrow down which activities are best. There are many ways to arrange one, yet finding truly effective, enjoyable, and convenient ideas is no easy task.

Although this list is not comprehensive, we compiled our favorite suggestions guaranteed to create memories you and your team members remember long after the outing ends.


Selecting a Location

Despite the necessity of maintaining a certain degree of professionalism, creating an opportunity for team members to bring their authentic selves to the table is equally crucial. If your colleagues begin to believe that this team outing is another workday obligation, the purpose is lost.

Encourage them to revel in the experience because this goes beyond an employee’s duties and is also for personal enjoyment. Choose an offsite location that allows some escape from the office atmosphere so everyone can truly relax and get to know each other.

Hosting a team outing that involves the outdoors with various activities can bridge the social gap between colleagues. Not only are you transforming the atmosphere by incorporating an open space that physically moves your team outside the typical conference room, but there are many health advantages to being around nature.

Amidst busy schedules and other responsibilities, having an intentional slot of time to engage with the wilderness allows everyone to recuperate. You guarantee that every individual will reap the benefits of this outing.

Collective Retreats offer various locations perfect for a peaceful environment that lets you relax with the wilderness and refined amenities. Our blend of indoor and outdoor areas for meetings and events blurs the lines between nature and luxury comforts, making our retreats ideal for team outings or corporate events.


Governors Island, New York

With a short ferry ride from downtown Manhattan, take a breather away from the bustling city and heavy traffic for a new perspective. You still get the gorgeous views of the Statue of Liberty and New York City’s skyline in a more secluded, undisturbed space. Relax among the natural greenery of this beautiful island and the calm waters of the New York Harbor.

With 30 guest rooms available, there is plenty of space at our Collective Governors Island retreat for a large group to rest and discover the wonders of Governors Island together. Our three meeting areas provide designated spaces for limitless creativity, brainstorming, and collaboration.


Hill Country, Texas

Our Hill Country retreat sits no more than an hour from Austin and overlooks the Montesino Ranch. Surrounded by the gentle slopes of the hills, it is the perfect remote getaway within a reasonable distance from home.

Whether you prefer soaking up nature’s beauty or uncovering cultural nuggets, you will find an experience you’ll love. The 12 guest rooms and two meeting areas allow smaller teams to work and unwind together.


Vail, Colorado

Our Collective Vail retreat has 1,000 vast and glorious acres for your team to explore. Immerse yourself in the rugged land where the high desert merges with the mountainous terrain, and the stars are unrivaled in their shine during twilight.

We can accommodate up to 18 adventure-hungry overnight guests, and our unique Lodge and Terrance Meeting Space will inspire conversations or spark a trivia night.


1. Fishing

Fly fishing in Vail or Hill Country brings the best out of the numerous waterways in the area. Whether your team members are seasoned veterans or novices, promoting teamwork, problem-solving, and even some friendly competition is an excellent activity.

As you work together to catch the fish and encounter the local wildlife, you can support each other through the learning process if you’re looking for a challenge.


2. Biking

Get your heart rate up and your legs moving, and explore the landscape with biking trails. Biking is the best option for team bonding and discovery.

Those who want to enjoy miles of scenic views and survey areas they’ve never been to before will find this experience unbeatable. When joined by colleagues, the blossoming camaraderie of a fun team leaves a lasting impression despite the burning sensation in your fatigued calf muscles.


3. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is the perfect team-building idea for those bold spirits seeking an exhilarating outdoor activity. With the reliable guidance of experts, you will feel fully safe and comfortable with tackling this adventure, even if you’re not an equestrian.

The shared experience functions wonderfully as an icebreaker as you converse and journey through the charming grounds without regret.


4. Wellness Retreats

Spend a morning yoga session together at Governors Island, Hill Country, or Vail as the sunrise casts a golden hue over the land. Focusing on mindfulness through physical activity can boost morale with mutual encouragement and is excellent for both large and small groups.

This is great for those who want to start their day strong and refreshed or those who still want to move their body without demands to learn complex skills or equipment. Meditation is another option allowing your group to feel grounded and restored after a long day.

Played live every Saturday, our Sound Meditation experience at Hill Country provides you with a soothing melody from the singing bowls. Prioritize your health by intentionally setting aside some time to calm the turbulent roar in your mind.


5. Private Dining

Bringing your team for culinary excursions encourages an adventurous mindset and uplifts the company culture. A Farm-to-Table Chef Tasting allows your team to bond over the delicious flavors as you expand your horizons.

Sharing a meal with others leads to improvements in socio-emotional health and cultivates a sense of familiarity, contributing to better team performance in the long run.


6. Outdoor Picnic

Take full advantage of the dazzling sun, fresh air, and breathtaking views by having a picnic as your company outing. Combine the health benefits of eating with others and spending time outdoors for a physically and mentally nourishing lunch.

A picnic incites your teammates to be interactive. This is also the opportune time to conduct simple team-building games such as a small scavenger hunt.


7. Wine Tasting

Chatting over drinks is a fine way to maintain a relaxed atmosphere for your team. Consider elevating to a luxurious experience, such as a visit to the local breweries of Hill Country, for a delightful wine-tasting journey. Indulge in the sweet aroma, the way the smooth liquid slides down your throat, and the lingering bitterness. This is what it means to live in the present.


8. BBQ

Firing up a grill for dinner is certainly a way to keep the evening lively, especially in Texas. Grilling together stimulates the team’s communication skills as you learn everyone’s personal definition of perfectly done meat.

The smokey, savory flavor that permeates the tender selections of meats and vegetables is hard to beat. All our ingredients are from local sources to verify they’re of the highest degree of freshness and quality.


Time To Gather the Team

Escape rooms, karaoke, go-kart racing, and laser tag are great team-building exercises easily found in major cities. However, not everyone will unanimously view these activities as relaxing or enjoyable. Moving outside is your best bet if you desire an outing that is unique and universally beneficial.

All of these exciting ventures are possible with Collective Retreats. If you’re looking for unforgettable team-building events, we have everything you need to bring your outing ideas to life and ensure your entire team has fun.



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