7 Adventurous Bachelor Party Destinations

7 Adventurous Bachelor Party Destinations

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Having a wedding is a wonderful and rare opportunity to bring everyone you love together at one time. Similarly, a bachelor party allows you to bring all of your closest friends together for an exciting and memorable vacation. The first and most important step during this exciting time is picking the destination for your bash.

There are many factors to consider when picking a spot for this pre-wedding party. You’ll have to think about the size of your party, budgets, travel logistics, and which city will be the most exciting.

We understand that the decision can feel overwhelming, so we have put together a list of our 10 favorite bachelor party destinations for adventure seekers.


Enjoy Fun in Vail, CO

Lastly, Vail, Colorado, is a dream destination for a bachelor party. Just two hours from Denver, this location offers summer adventures, gorgeous sights, and more. You will have the trip of a lifetime here.


Activities in Vail

If you are planning to head to Vail for your bachelor party, book a stay with Collective Retreats. During your time at our retreat, you will have access to countless classic Colorado activities that take no time to arrange; simply reach out to our concierge, and they will handle the details for you.

If members of your group are comfortable with a fishing rod, they are most likely to think of Vail as a fly fishing hotspot. Thanks to Colorado’s large network of rivers, steady stream, and consistent temperatures, the fish population is dense here. Not to mention that the views from the water of the Rocky Mountains and foliage are unparalleled.

For a true rush of adrenaline, try your hand at mountain biking. Vail has countless biking trails in the mountains that will excite you and challenge your skills, as well as water sports like kayaking and rafting.

Lastly, if you want to admire the beautiful scenery from a new perspective, book a horseback riding trip. With Collective Retreats, your party can book a private two-hour tour of the entire ranch led by a local expert.


Accommodations for the Groom-to-Be’s Getaway

If your party loves outdoor experiences but doesn’t want to give up the luxuries and amenities of an upscale boutique hotel, Collective Retreats offers the perfect accommodations. The Summit Tent will provide the natural immersion of an outdoor living experience along with the five-star luxuries of a king-size bed, electrical outlets, and an en suite bathroom.

You are steps away from adventures in nature, but you will have a comfortable bed to return to after a long night of revelry.


Get Ready for the Big Day in Miami, Florida

If your friends love to go surfing, eat dinner on the beach, and party all night, Miami is the choice for you. Besides surfing, pool parties, and luxury golf courses, Miami offers plenty more to enjoy.

You and your groomsmen can head to the ocean for deep-sea fishing, a speed boat tour, or snorkeling. After a morning full of ocean adventures, rent a few beach chairs, open a beer or two, and watch the waves crash on the sand. Make sure to keep all this potential in mind during your bachelor party planning.

When the sun sets, be sure to dine on premiere seafood at an ocean-view restaurant before hitting the clubs. Miami is known for its nightlife and has clubbing options for every music preference: electronic, hip-hop, top 40, Latin, and so on.

If you are in the mood for a more relaxed night, head to Wynwood for a bar crawl. One of the cultural centers of the city, Wynwood is filled with famous multi-story murals that will be the perfect backdrop for a bachelor party photo.

Similar Locations To Consider: New York City and Mexico City


Take a Road Trip to New Orleans, LA

New Orleans has something for every member of the group. To get a taste of local history, take a cemetery and voodoo walking tour. Walking through some of the oldest cemeteries in the French Quarter and learning about the mystical side of this historic city is an experience like no other.

For another daytime activity, book a swamp tour with your group. You’ll board an airboat and make your way through the rich swamps as your tour guide explains the history of the people and environments of New Orleans.

When nighttime rolls around, Bourbon Street will be your destination. Bars and restaurants line this street, giving your group endless options for a good time.

Similar Locations To Consider:Las Vegas, Nevada


Laid-Back Wilderness in Jackson Hole, WY

Maybe you and your friends aren’t interested in the casinos of Sin City and want something more adventurous. For a trip focused more on sports and outdoor activities, head to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

If you are traveling during the winter, your group must take advantage of its world-famous slopes. For the most popular Wyoming experience, check out the more than 130 trails at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

During the summer, gear up for endless exploration throughout Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Grand Teton is best known for the Teton Range, a 40-mile stretch of the Rocky Mountains — so be sure to have your hiking shoes laced up and ready to go.

For a trip to Yellowstone, have your cameras ready to get a photo of the canyons, rivers, forests, hot springs, and gushing geysers. It’s an ideal spot for activities like ziplining or white water rafting.

For a classic night of debauchery in Wyoming, take your bachelor party to Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. Take in the rustic space and historic Wyoming memorabilia and buy a few pitchers of beer to enjoy while listening to live entertainment.

Similar Locations To Consider: Sedona, Arizona


Enjoy Live Music and Nightlife in Austin, TX

For a mix of city and outdoor bachelor party activities and a thriving nightlife scene, Austin is a wonderful option for an adventurous bachelor party.

One of the most popular group party activities in this city is the Twisted Texas Brew Bus. After booking this party bus, your group will be taken to three different craft breweries with a live band on board for entertainment between spots.

Austin is located near multiple lakes and rivers, which means water activities should be included in your bachelor party itinerary. Lake Austin and Lake Travis both offer boat, paddleboard, canoe, and kayak rentals. If you prefer to take it easy, you can rent personal or group floaties for ultimate relaxation on the water.

Like our recommendation in New Orleans, you only need to know the name of one street for an exciting and memorable night out in Austin. A walk down Sixth Street will give you access to the city’s most popular bars, nightclubs, and great food spots, from steakhouses to distilleries. It’s a locale that will make a foodie proud, especially fans of good TexasBBQ.

Similar Locations To Consider: Montreal, Canada, and Chicago, Illinois


A Pacific Northwest Bachelor Party Idea in Portland, OR

Your party will be mesmerized by the natural beauty and excited by the adventure that Portland has to offer. To start your trip with a natural wonder, book a Williamette Jetboat Excursion. After boarding the jet boat, your group will be taken on an up-close tour of the Portland Waterfront and Willamette Falls, which are some of the most impressive natural sites in the city.

If you are craving another close encounter with the scenic views of Portland, reserve a time with Bend Half Day Cascades Lakes Kayak Tour. With half of a day on the water, you will be well acquainted with the breathtaking views around Cascades Lake. This is a great choice for every member of the bachelor party, no matter their kayaking skill level. A guide will be with you the entire time to help anyone who needs it.

For a late afternoon beer in a unique bar environment, head to Spirit of 77. Choose your favorite local or imported beer and enjoy their gaming area. Your group of friends can make a tournament of playing their arcade games or sit back and watch the game on their giant televisions.

Similar Locations To Consider:Nashville, Tennessee, and Los Angeles, California


World-Class Southern Charm in Charleston, SC

Charleston is a city that manages to be incredibly charming while remaining full of excitement and adventure.

If you are visiting in the summer and want to start your trip off with some fun in the sun, spend a day on Folly Beach. This is one of the most popular beaches in the area, so your group is sure to meet tourists and locals who might want to join in on some of your weekend festivities. A day at Folly Beach can include strolling on the Folly Beach Pier, taking a surf lesson with Carolina Salt Surf Lessons, or starting up a beach volleyball game.

For a safe thrill, try blade & bull axe throwing. To start a little friendly competition with your party, head to Chucktown Axe Throwing. After a brief instruction from a guide, you can hurl axes on giant-sized dart boards.

For a relaxing evening activity with a magical view, book a trip with Saltwater Cycle Boat Tour. You can book a private trip just for your bachelor party, meaning you can blast your favorite music on your speaker, bring your favorite drinks, and have a personal tour of the South Carolina coastline.


The Best Bachelor Party Destinations

Bachelor parties are a great way to let out any pre-wedding nerves and bond with your friends. The memories from bachelor parties often last a lifetime, so you want to put some thought and consideration into the party destination. Any of these spots will give your party enough excitement, entertainment, and adventure to last the entire trip.



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