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New York, NY

  • We are an 8-minute ferry ride from lower Manhattan and a 5-minute ferry ride from Brooklyn Bridge Park–affording much nicer views than the subway tunnels.
  • Please note: all guests must arrive via ferry. Click here for the schedule.
  • Don't worry about your luggage–upon arrival, our team will take it to your tent for you.
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Wimberley, TX

  • Collective Hill Country sits nestled among the juniper trees of Montesino Ranch.
  • Surrounded by 225 acres of ranch and organic farm, Collective Hill Country promises authentic Texas flavor with a modern twist.
  • In addition to horseback riding and other outdoor adventures, there are ample wineries, music venues, and art galleries nearby.
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Wolcott, CO

  • Get a taste of pristine Colorado countryside while still being an easy drive from a modern resort town.
  • Surrounded by over 1,000 acres of working ranchland, Collective Vail sits on one of the first and largest ranches in the Central Rockies.
  • Don't forget to visit the on-site winery where you can sip local varietals and take in the astounding views.
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Big Sky, MT

  • Collective Yellowstone has an enchanting high alpine feel, set on a freshwater pond and surrounded by towering mountains.
  • Enjoy access to Ulery’s Lake, a sandy swimming beach and dock stocked with canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards, as well as the members-only Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course within the Moonlight Basin Club.
  • Just an hour's drive from Yellowstone National Park.
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Ghent, NY

  • This bucolic retreat is set on Liberty Farms, a working organic farm and equestrian center.
  • Enjoy easy access to Hudson's stylish boutiques and design shops, as well as a variety of outdoor activities and historical sites.
  • Just a 2-hour, picturesque drive from New York City.
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We design our Collective Retreats tents to be a cozy, luxurious home away from home for you. Please read this short guide to ensure that you’re comfortable and safe throughout your stay.

Your Tent

We invite you to open your tent doors at any time (that’s why you’re here, right?) but please keep the doors secure at all times. A few tips:

  • Open the doors by unhooking the carabiners along your deck and unzipping to the top. Then, make sure to hook the loose flaps to the external buckles to enjoy the view.
  • Finish by tying the mesh screens up to the metal rings affixed at the interior corners.
  • Feel free to open the windows when you’re in the tent.
  • When you leave your tent, please make sure to zip and buckle from the exterior and ensure all carabiners are secured down.
  • If you want to let the breeze into your tent while you’re out, just make sure your doors are properly buckled and that the screens are zipped closed.
  • We have installed lights on the posts above the rear entrances to guide you back after sunset. No need to switch them on; simply plug them into the attached extension cord and unplug when you’re ready for bed.
  • We have installed a solar light on the front porch to guide you up the steps after sunset.

Your Stove

Your tent is equipped with a wood-burning stove and firewood. Before you use your stove, please read through these guidelines:

  • Light your stove by placing just a single fire starter on the bottom (we promise that’s all it takes), then stacking 2-3 logs in a triangular formation above it. Think about building a home (or a tent) for the fire starter, leaving some room for air to flow through. Light the fire starter and keep the door open for a few minutes as the wood also catches flame. Secure the door but don’t close the vents on the front entirely. Give it a few minutes to catch, sit back and enjoy. If you have any issues, our team is always happy to light your stove at any time.
  • Oxygen fuels fire, so if you keep the vents open wide, you’ll get higher flames but the wood will burn more quickly (and will need to be replaced more quickly). Narrowing the vents will reduce the amount of heat released but extend burning time.
  • We recommend keeping the vents narrow at bedtime to prolong the fire, and then opening the vents wide should you choose to add more logs as you start your day. When your wood stove is burning, please keep tent doors secured to deck to avoid any fire risk.
  • Your wood-burning stove can get very hot—use caution when adding fuel and stoking it to avoid overheating.
  • Never leave your tent while your stove is lit; ensure that it is fully extinguished before departing your tent. Closing the vents on the stove door will expedite this process.
  • NEVER place anything on top of the wood-burning stove, as this surface stays hot even after the stove has been extinguished.
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