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Who we are

We created Collective Retreats because we love travel and believe in its power to help us connect—to places, to people, and to ourselves.

But most traditional hotels are simply places to sleep. We’re changing that, with an innovative approach to travel that unlocks the true potential of places.

Our team has decades of experience in travel and hospitality—and more importantly, a shared appreciation of exploration, adventure, and innovation. We are building a company that makes it possible for luxury to coexist with ruggedness, for fine dining to happen under the stars, and for people to connect to a place and to those around them.


Collective Retreats is made up of dozens of talented individuals across our retreats. Here are just a few of our team members.

Daniella Sloane

General Manager, Collective Yellowstone
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Jim Zamorski

Construction and Logistics Manager
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Kate Fitzpatrick

Director of Property Partnerships and Business Development
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Jordan Bibeau

Concierge and Events Specialist
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Jamie Reeg

Assistant General Manager, Collective Vail
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We’re always looking for talented, passionate people to join the Collective Retreats team. We’re hiring General Managers, Guest Experience Managers, chefs, and other smart leaders for our team.

We’re also expanding locations, and quickly. As we move to new markets and locations, we’ll be hiring in new places. If you’re interested in joining us, please drop us a line by contacting

Take a look through current job openings below.